Writing Realness: Megan Kendzior

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i need to know why we

i need to know why i

i needed to be heard

i needed you to see me

the thing about courage is that it means facing the shit, letting it hit the fan.

not only, but also

spraying it around the room

asking others to wallow with us.

meet me in the pit

i fucking hope you’ll be there.

you better fucking be there.

everyone else is.

this work both asks too much of us and also gives us exactly what we need.

thank you for shitting on me.

sharing is caring.

—-response to three obstinate, precarious men and a female pleasure zone—


Megan Kendzior is a Brooklyn-based choreographer and arts advocate who hails from from Sarasota, Florida. Her dances have been presented by New York Live Arts and Danspace Project; she works for Movement Research and iLAND.

(a note from CLR: these Writing Realness pieces came out of TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, a Movement Research writing workshop I taught in conjunction with American Realness 2015)

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