Which Earphone is Best for Samsung Devices?

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Good headphones are an important part of our daily lives when it comes to listening to music. With all the options currently available, choosing the best true wireless headphones out of hundreds of options available on the market can be difficult. In this article I’m going to talk about the latest and the best true wireless headphones for your Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

samsung galaxy buds plus

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After extensive research, we concluded that the best Samsung earphones for your smartphone is the recently released Galaxy Buds Plus. They offer a battery life of up to 11 hours. The charging case charges the Galaxy Buds and offers additional hours of battery life, a quick 3 minutes charge can last for up to an hour of run time. These are premium headphones with a beautiful design and a perfect fit. The real sound of these devices will also impress you. If you face any issues, Samsung guarantee is there to save the day. It also offers automatic synchronization and eco mode for Android, while iOS users can use Siri.

A skeptical eye may come from Samsung’s seemingly iterative update to the new Galaxy Buds Plus, but I’m here to tell you that these headphones are worth their price. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus could hardly be distinguished from last year’s model. But make no mistake: Spotify integration is a must for music lovers and the extra-long battery life is ideal for international travelers.

Dual Drive Audio System

Another change under the hood is addition of the new dual speaker system. Each headset contains a special woofer and a tweeter. AKG tuned this system and reproduces an impressive and intuitive sound with minimal distortion.

An exclusive feature of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is the integration of Spotify. To access the famous streaming service directly from your headset, you need to download the Galaxy Wearables app, one of the best true wireless (tws) headset apps. Simply reassign the touch gesture on the headphones to get the recommended tracks. Unfortunately, the Spotify feature is unfortunately not available for iOS users. It’s only available for Android devices.

Build Quality

The all-plastic construction may look cheap, but it has the advantage that the headphones is light, comfortable and not to be forgotten: practical. A welcome change to the Galaxy Buds Plus has nothing to do with the design of the headphones, but with the accessories included. Listeners have pre-installed medium ear tips, as well as three additional pairs of ear tips of different sizes. This is great news for everyone because a solid fit in the ear means better audio quality.

Battery life (True Wireless Headphones)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus lasts 11 hours and 44 minutes of battery life. Once empty, throw them in the case and it only takes three minutes of charge and you can listen to them for an hour. The case only offers an additional charge cycle, which isn’t particularly great, but it’s the sacrifice we make when we get such a compact case. The charging case is Qi certified, which means there are more ways to charge wirelessly than Wireless PowerShare on a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S10.

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