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12:56 p.m. May 25, Sunday, Governors Island, LMCC Open Studios

Four bodies in a room two in sneakers two in socks what is the difference between a rehearsal and a performance

When is a fourth wall in a rehearsal

What are the rules here is there more than one set

The mirrors are covered. No ballet.

Dance Marathon. Thinking of MG’s marathon 24-hours blindfolded and ear plugged. Here it’s light and wind and water people peeking in, peeking out

Downstairs in the basement Eiko is slowly slowly slowly furling and unfurling, heavy cloths and dust coating her thin body, her stained feet

This dance. You just dance. There’s no rules. You can sign your name on the registration if you want.

E. … it’s been an hour. It’s been one hour … and they all cheer ….

M pelvis oscillation center of gravity low

S tendu point and point and point

This posits that dance is movement.

S cuneiforms. Long braid swinging

Entrechat rises up melts into something slippery and full

Do you think we’re scaring them, M asks?

Are all forms of improvisation at heart the same

Men come in big and slumpy they ease out just as quickly what is the transaction here, the exchange

Music has gone from space age to industrial. M and S are in the same lane, little, tighter. Everyone is – motions have gotten smaller, they exist in pairings of two …now something dreamy and S sinks into a sort of penche arabesque and M on releve, big sort of fouette

Jogging around the room a train starts … a kid is dragged in by her dad she is just a little too old to not love this she’s instead self conscious but he is being so charming in a dad way her shirt says Be/AMAZ/ING

If you say it’s dancing, it is. But that’s been around for a long time.

M slides into a sort of folk coquette dance, and S is into a West African spine for a moment high kicks the girl in a very bad for her spine handstand she doesn’t have enough core strength

S is jiggling rapido M is undulating s-curve

Actually when dance takes over it does something else. I would say that everyone in this room is moving, but not everyone is dancing. I wonder what the politics(s) are of that.

Or maybe I just watch too much concert dance.

Borree body all slender pulled up the braid serpentine

If you have language for it you see it: push ups; plié, skip

Otherwise it slides away, evasive

Something now rhythmic, something now silence, slow Eeyore like and M crawls out as if from her AmReal piece

Also these other four people I do not know their names and so I can’t get as attached

The dad is back and this time also an older daughter but she is having none none none of it

Slinky sexy hips eight bodies in the room

A little boy in bright neon yellow is so pleased to be among all these adults not acting necessarily like adults his smile is a million bucks compressed


there is a distance between us

the swan grows darkly invasive the line of red-red blood curves down your cheek the group finds itself music shift and now … oh boy, or is it dear.

M has such a wildness in her. It’s grand. S is more delicate, the bow coiled and ready

Now I would say all five are dancing. Full body. Internal focus. So there are a few biases with which to contend.


The man in the corner arms on hips he looks perhaps like he could move if he decided it was worth his time

Does this count as documentation?

The center disperses. The woman is spread-eagled on the far wall.

She treads water one foot in the air

M’s sister arrives screaming commences

Saul in he sits right away

They spin each other around periodically she lifts a foot lets herself be truly spun

How to be in the community but inside yourself also.

Saul out. This is not his jam.

Do you think we need a judge?

What’s the judge judging

Well that we don’t know. Should there be any kind of competition or reward or should it just be for fun

Words get in the way

I miss my boyfriend. How his skin feels against mine

Outside the clouds are moving fast fast the trees slow slow

The fan is on, the hair is blowing, a banana is being peeled

Big plié flat back up on one toe the feet running the silence when the music cuts out

We are trying to say that everything is dance but why are you trying to say that

Oh thank god my apple is good it is not mealy it is sour

S takes her hair down it is fanning out wildly Pina would be proud she could have been in the Istanbul dance long live cultural imperialism. Spectacle.

Does it need being looked at?

If you see us in the club

The thin blade of her collarbone you could snap it


Now M’s hair goes up there must be balance in the room

Children enter children change everything the center shifts inexorably

Do you take requests?


Dance the favorite thing you’ve ever choreographed?

Oh my god. No. I can’t do that.

Now I can’t eat any more apple too much acid in my empty empty stomach

Two women in and dancing so beautifully, just light and easy, now I would say all of these five women are dancing and in fact they are dancing together, it is good timing with now not a tyrannical club beat wide open and they can all just practice flying

Some straight boys in. Oh dear. If you find a straight boy who can dance hold onto him for dear life.

Running the perimeter. S’s hair going back up. No one has name tags today why is that why did we only get them yesterday isn’t that kind of weird? But then again have I seen any [EDIT MYSELF]

Forgot this was also a performance.

There is a way of pulling energy to yourself, concentrating it all until it pools and they are looking all of them and you know they are and the soundtrack if there were one would be driving but wide open guitar something American (sorry) something good

Time for the splits

Ha—“Good Vibrations” just came on that’s instant fucking karma to punish me for that earlier nationalistic comment

13:57 p.m. May 25, Sunday, Governors Island

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