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next week i’m starting a nine-week residency at Headlands Center for the Arts.

nine weeks! on the Pacific …

when i was awarded the residency i was asked to write down some of the things i might do with my time there. i made a list, which has since changed a bit, as lists are wont to do.

one of the things i’m going to be doing while out there is figuring out how best to proceed with the performance club. i met with some of the core contributors a little while ago, and i think we hashed out some good ideas. a couple of the big ones are:

1. Moving from the once-a-month model of a show and post-performance social outing to something a bit more thoughtful: instead of picking pre-existing shows i’m going to be organizing three to four events a year that focus more on behind-the-scenes happenings, i.e., showings, talks, participatory events, etc. The idea is to combine the social and the artistic, and to focus on what goes into making the work, rather than the final product; more time in studios, less time figuring out reservations at crowded restaurants. And no more scrounging around for discounted tickets; everything will be free or for a small suggested donation which will go directly to the artists and maybe some of it to the running and upkeep of this site (web fees, writer fees, my time editing and writing and organizing).

I have a wish list of things I’d like to do, but I’m also super open to suggestions, so please if you have an idea, holler.

2. Moving to more of a collaborative model with a core group of writers and artists. The focus on quality over quantity will continue, but with a little bit more of a regular posting schedule.

I’ll have more details in the fall.

Until then … happy summer.

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