10 Best Samsung Headphones Review 2020

Samsung Headphones

I believe you’re looking for the best Samsung headphones as you’re reading this article. Time is valuable, I wouldn’t waste your time with useless intro like ‘having a good pair of headphones is an important part of our everyday lives’, well you know that already as you’re here.

So, without further ado, let’s find out the 10 best Samsung headphones of 2020.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Samsung Wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Samsung Galaxy buds are designed from plastic materials, yet they have an overall slim appearance, being quite lightweight. The Samsung Galaxy earbuds seem to be solid and come with sleek details, like the unnoticeable rubber wingtips that offer extra support.

With the aid of the Galaxy Wearable App, you can manage settings for EQ, such as bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear or treble boost on your Samsung earbuds. Also, you can opt for a feature that permits you to read aloud your notifications from the Galaxy earbuds.

An incorporated dual-microphone is designed in such manner that it oscillates between microphones to diminish background noise and offer a clear sound of your voice. While testing it, everything functioned as expected.

In the box you will get the IPX2 water-resistant Samsung wireless earbuds, three distinct silicone ear and wing tips, a 252 mAh charging case, and a USB-C charging cord. The featured wing tips are great for a secure fit and the smooth silicone makes them comfortable for prolonged usage.

You can set up the long-press action for the Samsung earphones through the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App (only accessible via Android), select from volume (up on the right, down on the left) or simply start Bixby (with a long press on either bud).

The charging case that comes with the Samsung wireless headphones is rather small and solid, being suitable for wearing it in a pocket, if you are not listening at home. It is well-built, with a snap shut lid and magnets that keep the earbuds in place when you are not using them.

The outside of the case comes with a LED light that shows how much battery the case has, whilst a LED inside the case show how much remains until the earbuds are completely charged. Also, on the back of the case you will find a USB-C charger port to easily recharge the case vis the USB cord.


  • The Samsung Galaxy buds come with up to 6 hours of battery lifespan, whilst the charging case comes with extra seven hours
  • They are recommended for general athletes, as they remain firmly in place, without becoming uncomfortable or falling off during intense activity like running
  • The touch control panel offers easy access to call or playback functions, virtual assistant and Ambient Sound feature activation
  • Easy to recharge the Galaxy buds wirelessly via the charging case
  • The Samsung Galaxy Wearable app offers info about the battery levels of the Bluetooth buds when they are removed from the case
  • Also, with the aid of Galaxy Wearable app, you can access `Find My Earbuds setting that will help you find your earbuds if lost
  • These earbuds allow you to hear outside noise, offering you extra safety when walking around
  • Great connectivity
  • You can personalize settings of each earbud
  • Compatibility with Bixby or Google Assistant


  • Well, if you want to know how much battery your Samsung wireless earbuds have, you will have to use the LED featured on the outside case, as you cannot access such info via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app
  • Not so great when windy situations occur, as the earbuds will offer a poor sound experience due to noise disturbances
  • AptX support not included
  • Only IPX2 water resistant design
  • No volume control available on board

2. Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition)

Samsung Gear IconX Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Earbuds

Samsung Gear IconX are the improved version of all previous Samsung earbuds due to the impressive feature list and great performance overall.

These gear iconX earbuds come with a small charging case designed with plastic materials, yet due to the odd pill form, it is rather uncomfortable to have it with you all the time. Our opinion is that this particular charging case is suitable for carrying in a backpack, rather than in a pocket.

On the back of the charging case you will find a tiny Bluetooth connection button that offers fast pairing. Even though you can pair to an iOS device too, a couple of features such as real-time coaching or ambient sound pass-through can only be accessed via an Android device.

The Gear iconX Manager app offers access to information about your workout statistics, but you will have to use the Health app from Samsung and link it to the Gear Manager to get access to running logs.

No matter if you opt for Android or iOS, playback controls do not come in a standard mode specific to any OS. You can pause/play music with one tap, skip a song with a double or triple tap and set up the volume with an up/down swipe.

Also, double-tapping answers a call, while tapping once and holding rejects the incoming call. Double tap and hold to select something from your playlist, as Samsung Gear IconX comes with an amazing 4GB built-in storage space.


  • These Samsung earbuds come with up to 5 hours of battery lifespan when Bluetooth pairing is used, while for local stored music you can listen for around 7 hours without the need of recharging
  • Impressive sound quality provided by the Gear IconX earphones
  • As soon as they are paired with a device, the Bluetooth earbuds turn on and connect to your phone instantly
  • They are built with IPX2 sweat-resistant materials
  • The ear tips are made from silicone, keeping the earbuds steady while your’re doing intense activities
  • With only 10 minutes in the charging case you will get around one hour of run time
  • You can recharge the case with an USB type-C cord
  • One of a kind internal memory – the 3.4 GB allow you to add up to 1000 songs
  • Extended battery lifespan
  • For indoor purposes, the earbuds come with a setting that amplifies voices of people next to you


  • Although you are able to do your workout without the need of a phone, you are going to need to use the Android app
  • Touch-sensitive playback buttons
  • Several main settings cannot be accessed via an iOS device
  • Workout recordings aren’t exactly correct

3. Samsung Level on PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Samsung Level on PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Samsung Level on PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones represent a pair of on ear Samsung headphones meant to be used with phones, as the manufacturer suggests.

They come with a stylish design, but they resemble a lot the general appearance of other headphones. The two cups are removable in order to easily adapt it for bigger heads, being at the same time extremely wide and comfortable.

They resemble a lot with the Beats headphones, but we admit they are not so beautiful or visually unacceptable either. These Samsung earphones do not stand out with their design.

The outside is made from plastic materials and the padding comes in faux leather. In addition, everything is brushed off to remove the shine, which is why the metal headband looks rather common.

The Level on Samsung Wireless headphones are the first you will observe when opening the package, they come in. Everything else you might need is carefully positioned in the middle, including a carrying pouch, on USB charging cord, 3.5 mm audio cord and instructions manual.

With a simple double tap on the right cup you can pause or resume playback, while a swipe up/down allows you to control volume levels. Swiping forward or backward (right/left if viewed from the side) will skip through your play list.


  • Good, high quality sound
  • Comes in a carrying pouch
  • Acceptable noise cancelling features, even when the setting is turned off, they offer somewhat noise cancellation
  • Suitable for pairing with almost any Bluetooth device, including iPhones, Android phones or laptops
  • Samsung’s personalized codec aims to provide a transmission of 24-bit 192KHz
  • Comfortable headband due to the padding
  • Wide-range connectivity, it even functions across a large room
  • The manufacturer says that the battery can last up to 11 hours of talk/listening activities with ANC turned on or 23 hours without enabling ANC feature


  • Not suitable for sports activities, as they tend to be too loose to sit in one place
  • Flat appearance
  • The headband can seem a bit too tight for some people
  • Samsung Level on Pro headphones are not designed with rotating cups

4. Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

The Samsung Level U wireless Bluetooth headphone is very comfortable to wear, good sound quality and impressive battery life that goes up to 11 hours. It has an around-the-neck style lightweight design, being perfect for those that are always on the go.

The Level U is suitable for those that do not enjoy ear tips stuck in their ears. They are a pair of extremely comfortable in-ear headphones. The movable neckband is also weightless and can stay around the back of the neck without bothering the wearer.

These Samsung wireless headphones can be bought in white or black sapphire, a smooth combination between blue and black. When you place the band around your neck, will offer a secure fit with little to no tug or cable tangling.

Anyhow, you can adjust the slack of the cables by sliding a tiny rubber band loop backwards/forward. An interesting feature is that the earpieces snap together magnetically if not used.

The ear tips included in the package are more defined than basic ear tips from other products. Samsung labels them as ear gels with a form that sets perfectly in at the ear canal’s opening.

Also, there are 3 distinct ear gel sizes (small, medium, large) and an extra fourth pair designed with a stabilizer that comfortably rests against the ear.

Controls for the Samsung Level U headphones can be found on the right side of the band. Even though Samsung suggests this product functions correctly exclusively with Samsung phones, the Bluetooth earphones can be paired with any Bluetooth devices, including iPhone. Hence, controls can function with the master volume on Samsung devices and separately of the volume on other devices.

In addition, the volume controls can be employed for track navigation (and it even functioned ok with an iPhone), whilst the core button can be used for Play/Pause or call management purposes. The center section of the neckband hosts the power/pairing switch and the USB port.


  • With incoming calls, these Samsung headphones vibrate
  • Properly positioned controls
  • Due to the fact that the gel is the main material used for these earbuds, ambient sounds can reach through
  • Samsung states that the battery life can go up to 11 hours for conversations or 10 hours for listening music
  • Handy magnetic backs for the ear buds
  • The controls offer acceptable tactile response
  • Because they do not go over your ears, temperature wont increase around your ears while using these Samsung earbuds
  • Solid and malleable neck band, not prone to breakage due to physical stress
  • One USB charging cord included in the package
  • Level U features dual-mic noise cancelling feature that stops outside noise
  • User-friendly, the controls are strategically located for easy usage


  • Non-foldable item, it can be a bit tricky to store these headphones
  • No carrying bag included in the package
  • Audio cords are a bit too thin, might break easily
  • The Samsung earbuds might get loose during intense exercise

5. Samsung Active in Ear Headphones

These Samsung in ear headphones feature a compact design, being one of the most lightweight headsets on the market. It comes with contour-winged ear gels for in-ear stability and bettered noise cancelling properties.

The 12 mm drivers are meant to offer clear sounds, along with boosted audio quality. In addition, the Active in ear headset has an in-line volume and track controls, an inbuilt microphone, which are great features for those that do not want to stop their routine workout for switching music or taking a call. Four distinct ear gels come in the package.

The Samsung Active in ear headphones are suitable for listeners that are almost always moving around. They represent a mix between steadiness and high-quality audio, offered in a fancy and compact set up.

The large 12 mm speaker units offer impressive sound for active people and the mouldable ear gels come with stabilizing wings to provide extra comfort for long term usage, along with stability during workouts.


  • Lightweight headphones with tangle-resistant cords that permit usage on the go without inconveniences
  • They come with a 3.5 mm 4-pin set up
  • In built hands-free microphone for answering calls, sending messages, volume and track management
  • In-line remote for managing volume, tracks or calls
  • These headphones come with four sets of ear gels in the package, perfect for distinct ear shapes or sizes
  • Vast 12 mm drivers
  • Well contoured soft ear gels aid in blocking outside noise
  • These Samsung headsets can be paired with any Android phones
  • The Bluetooth earphones can be winged or not, available in distinct sizes and extremely fancy


  • Some use claimed that one ear stopped functioning after only a few months
  • Double taping select/play/pause control only functions with Samsung Music app

6. Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Headphones

Samsung U Flex Bluetooth wireless in ear headphones

U-Flex Bluetooth headphones are the improved version of Samsung’s Level-U headphones. As it happens with Samsung’s phones, these headphones can be bought in three basic colors: black, blue and white.

Besides this, Samsung U-Flex headphones come with a couple of intriguing features, like a micro USB port, magnetic heads and a support control designed exclusively for Samsung’s personal digital assistant Bixby.

The activation button for Bixby is named Active Key, being located on the left side lobe of the neckband. It can be set up with the Samsung Level Android app to start several features, like the clock, timer, Samsung Health or favorites.

The right-side lobe comes with a Play button, volume controls, power switch and hidden micro USB port. Also, for answering calls you can simply press the Play control, while a small vibration or flashing blue light will alert you about the incoming call.

The Samsung wireless headphone’s neck band was designed with water resistant silicone., whilst a nano-coating technology protects the device from water splashes. The two ends of the neck band are linked via two smooth looking cords that reach the magnetic ear pieces.

These magnetic caps are a good addition for a pair of wireless headphones. Also, they come with two-way speakers with 11 mm woofers and 8 mm tweeters (0.43 inches, 0.32 inches).


  • Good sound quality and balance
  • Durable and malleable neckband, whilst the earbuds seem well-built
  • Little to no sound leakage
  • The in earbuds feature magnetic backs that stick to each other, making them simple to use and carry around
  • They are designed with a good angled fit that will not assert too much pressure onto the ear canal
  • User-friendly control and buttons layouts
  • Distinct button for voice assistance
  • Steady enough for sports enthusiasts
  • Samsung U-Flex headphones come with Samsung’s Scalable Codec technology, great for keeping away Wi-Fi signals that can affect Bluetooth pairing


  • Quite limited in regards to customization, if not used with Samsung devices
  • Rather large neckband, when compared with similar products
  • Carrying case is not included in the package
  • It is possible for the headphones to get pulled out of your ears because of the neckband

7. Samsung U Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Over Neck Headphones

Samsung U Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Over Neck Headphones

Even though around the neck Bluetooth headphones have been on the market for several years now, for Samsung it is a rather new field in which they have designed newer products lately.

Starting with the premium audio line, the Samsung Level series, Samsung extended its headphones range continuously.

Hence, the Samsung Level U headphone became the newest addition to the series – being flexible, around the neck Bluetooth headphones that mix and match both style and comfortable features.

The U headphones series are perfect for those that seek for impressive music quality while commuting.

These headphones were constructed in an ergonomic manner that allows for extended usage of 10 hours music listening and 9 hours of talk time, while the comfortable urethane joint allows you to wear the set around the neck with ease.

The wing ear gels offer in-ear comfort, making these Samsung headphones durable, lightweight and extremely comfortable. Also, with magnetic materials in the earbuds, the clasp together nicely, diminishing clutter when not used.

Big 12 mm speaker and the noise cancelling capability of the dual-microphone system assures you will benefit from the most qualitative sound.

Due to the plastic materials used for the body, these headphones can be comfortable to wear around the neck for extended periods of time.

Little to no buttons featured, yet most of the available ones are positioned along the right side of the Level U, including pause/play or volume controls. On the backside, you will find a basic on/off switch with a small LED light that reveals the status of the device.


  • The areas of the neck band reinforced with rubber offer impressive grip
  • They come with steady wing ear gels, that prevent the headphones from slipping
  • The Level U battery lifespan is up to 10 hours for conversation, 10 hours for playing music or 500 hours for standby mode
  • User-friendly, lightweight magnetic ear buds
  • Good and clear sound quality due to the 12 mm Speaker Units
  • Noise cancelling properties thanks to the dual-mic, along with Echo Cancellation to diminish outside disturbances during calls
  • Top-notch mic and sound quality


  • Weight distribution is odd, the headphones might slip on your back
  • No warning for low battery levels, the headphones just switch off unexpectedly
  • Not so great as noise cancelling headphones

8. Samsung Power & Play Bundle – Active In-Ear Wired + 2100 mAh Battery Pack

Samsung Power & Play Bundle - Active In-Ear Wired + 2100 mAh Battery Pack

The Samsung Power and Play Bundle is a pack that features the Samsung Active in-ear headphones and Samsung 2100mAh Battery.

The Samsung Active in ear headphones are built for active people and offer comfort, steadiness and qualitative audio reproductions, all of which are contained in a fancy and compact set up.

The 2100 mAh battery is great for recharging the device on the go, whilst a general USB port output allows charging via smartphones or similar electric devices that permit charging with USB.

Samsung Power & Play Bundle is all you might expect from a headset meant for those that spend a lot of time away from home due to the extra power and play, along with the advantageous charging and audio bundle.

Simply said: take your favorite music wherever you want with the active wired headphones and keep listening with the power boost from the 2100 mAh battery mini pack. These in-ear headphones mix comfort, durability, steadiness and, of course, outstanding sound quality.

Their stylish design is completed by big 12mm speaker units that support the Active sound.


  • Extra-comfortable for active people or prolonged usage due to the contoured ear gels and stabilizing wings that prevent slipping
  • The gel material used can prevent unwanted noise and better audio experience
  • The battery pack features a USB to Micro USB cord; The 2100 mAh battery is great for recharging the device on the go, whilst a general USB port output allows charging via smartphones or similar electric devices that permit charging with USB
  • Great controls for play/ pause and volume management
  • Qualitative sound
  • Incorporated Original Samsung lithium ion batteries that offer the best charging experience for both Samsung and non-Samsung devices
  • The package contains an extra set of ear gels, with distinct sizes to suit everyone’s needs


  • The cable tends to get tangled quite easily
  • The answer control is able to pause or resume, no extra feature
  • Google talk cannot be switched on whilst pressing the button

9. Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth

Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth headphones

The Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth headphones are considered to be the most secured Bluetooth earphones on the market. This set was designed in an angular size, which is great for noise cancelling and for keeping the headphones steadily anchored in place.

Mainly, they are constructed in a normal, in-ear rectangle shape with three buttons for volume up, volume down, play/ pause and a 10 mm – 8 mm woofer-tweeter mix.

In the package you will find four distinct tips meant for the earpieces, with the purpose of being comfortable for almost everyone.

Due to the fact that the Level Active range is meant for active people that want to listen to their playlist while exercising, Samsung added two distinct sized wingtips and over-ear hooks to aid in preventing the headset from slipping while moving.

Anyhow, these Wireless Bluetooth headphones are extremely comfortable as soon as you find the perfect ear tip, wing tip or over-ear hook for your ears.

Mostly, the headphones were designed with plastic materials that are linked to each other with a tangle-free cord. On the outside, the ear pieces come with a metal disc embedded with the company’s Level logo.

It has distinct usages on the left or right earbud. With the help of a small nick on the left earpiece, the metal disc can be opened, revealing the micro-USB port for charging.

On the right side, the disc has the power control to switch on/off the Level Active. In addition, the earphones feature an in-line remote for activating pairing mode, controlling playlists or answering/ rejecting incoming calls.


  • These Samsung headphones are designed with a hook meant to be attached behind your ear and promote stability, preventing slipping during intense activities
  • Water and sweat resistant materials
  • Meant for those that practice sports on daily basis
  • Outstanding Bluetooth pairing, which does not fluctuate whilst running or working out
  • The manufacturer says that the battery can last up to 5 hours after only one charge
  • You are able to answer calls during a run
  • Good noise cancelling properties, as up to 90% of disturbances are prevented
  • The earphones have extra features: text-to-speech dictation and reading notifications from apps of your choosing
  • Can be paired with Samsung health app to manage your workouts data


  • The bass is not included
  • If the phone is not in close proximity, the sound will start to fade and chop
  • If stored in a backpack, it is highly possibly the headphone will switch on and start pairing with your phone via Bluetooth

10. Samsung HS130 Wired Stereo Earbuds

Samsung HS130 Wired Stereo Earbuds with Controls

If you are seeking for a pair of an affordable earphones that can also provide good audio quality, the Samsung HS130 wired stereo earbud might be the perfect match for you.

Of course, they function perfectly with a Samsung phone, yet they can be paired with all sorts of smartphones, especially those from Xiaomi, ASUS, OPPO, Vivo or iPhone.

This headset does not compromise sound quality, offering a good, solid sound in an ergonomic design. The best thing about these Samsung headphones is the 10 mm driver, but the full-function, in-line remote with incorporate microphone for taking calls is also great to have around.

The package will get you the headset, ultra-soft small, medium and large ear gels. Hence, if you want an affordable gadget that is also qualitative, you should consider buying Samsung HS130.


  • Incorporated microphone for taking calls, sending, along with volume and track management
  • Multi-purpose remote
  • Bettered full-range high-definition
  • Small, lightweight product
  • Easy to wear, comfortable for several hours of usage
  • Available in blue, green, black, white, pink
  • Tangle-free cord
  • 3 extra ultra-soft small, medium and large ear gels
  • Great for Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9 Note/Note 2/Note 3/Note 4/Note 5/ Note Edge/Note S6 Edge/Note Pro/Note 8/Edge/Note9/Tab/Tab2/Tab3/Tab4/Galaxy Tab/Nexus 7/Nexus 10


  • Sensitive headset, must be handled with attention
  • Cords tangle a lot
  • Some customer reviews revealed that the product lasted only for a few months; be careful when it comes to fake items


These are the best Samsung headphones of 2020. If we ask us, we’d suggest Galaxy buds as it’s the best Samsung headphone.

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