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Scott Xxxxxxxx in The Wooster Group’s HAMLET. Photo: Paula Court.

So… I                        when I first                                        some people said well the Woosters’                           that whole blah blah blah story about the avant-garde xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as it xxxx. And I completely agree                                                    there are some exceptions and I think xxxxxxxx is one of my exceptions, we all have different exceptions.

I also think that whole you can’t go home again line might have been written specifically with xxx in mind. And that half of what people are saying when they say that is—I am not the same person I was when I xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am aging. [not to go so far as “I have wasted my life,” but you get the idea] Also I think there are people like                           who are just making bad art.

But anyway when we went it was snowing and I had spent the afternoon in Fanelli’s Café nursing a hot toddy and as it turns out there were several other people waiting to go to the Garage and so we xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Bars in the afternoon are marvelous things. SoHo looked beautiful.

Well xxxxxx’xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I xxxx       xxxxxxxxxx. I remember having such a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the language—xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Shakespeare’s      . This time it felt          . The stakes maybe                ? Xxxxxxxxx, I would watch Kate Valk lie dead on the floor any old day, especially making adjustments for the camera. The historical camera.

I do love this idea of ancestors…I mean, what does one even do with Dionysus in 69 in 2012? Audiences, too, deal with these questions.

I wonder how much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a movement xxxxx. Not as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I think—the dancers in the audience found it too xxxx. If you’re xxxxx to xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

the men are losing their hair.

Xxx xxxx x xx xxx xxxxxx      . I mean, really.

And that’s basically what was going on for me last Wednesday.

*As borrowed and misunderstood from The Wooster Group’s Hamlet.

**The Wooster Group often does not permit reviews of its work. This was one of those times. Half of me thinks it’s Mickey Mouse bullshit that critics aren’t allowed to write, I mean what’s the big deal clamber out of the sandbox already, and the other half thinks right, why on earth would anyone in this world even ever want to have a critic come in and write, I mean not if they didn’t need it to get them somewhere, and really it’s just about high school rules of the jungle—the more you resist, the more desirable you become.

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