summer vacation

next week i’m starting a nine-week residency at Headlands Center for the Arts. nine weeks! on the Pacific … when i was awarded the residency i was asked to write down some of the things i might do with my time there. i made a list, which has since changed

Ask and ye shall receive

“Darrell Jones, where have you been all my life? Mr. Jones has been around for a while as a dancer, of course, and a fine one, working with choreographers like Bebe Miller and Ralph Lemon. But I had never seen his choreography until Thursday night at Danspace Project, when he

What the form is doing

Netta’sHelga an audio essay by Karinne Keithley Syers in response to Netta Yerushalmy’s Helga and the Three Sailors at Danspace Project, November 2014 Counterclockwise from figure in red: Sarah Lifson, Marc Crousillat, Amanda Kmett’Pendry, Netta Yerushalmy.  Photo by Ian Douglas


“…blue as in azure or astronaut: radically                      constructing                           the body for time travel where the maker absences from the made – is This a thing or a becoming- what is made from our inverted vocabulary?…” Marissa Perel writes about & with Neil Greenberg’s This: (Having trouble viewing the embedded pdf file

Some Old Shit: Warhol on Stage

By Yelena Gluzman Below I reflect on two performances, both from years ago, and both dealing, on some level, with Warhol. Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good) was originally brought to New York by the Under the Radar Festival in 2011, and returned for a run at

Writing Realness: Michael Freeman

Jeremy Wade knows how to capture his audience’s attention. In Death Asshole Rave Video, it’s a visual and aural assault on the viewer’s senses; the stage is saturated with light and noise. In this chaos, he delivers a bizarre stand-up routine along with dance and video. The rapid–fire text is

Writing Realness: Berioska Ipinza

The day was very cold but it did not impact the large audience that came to view luciana achugar’s Otro Teatro: The Pleasure Project. I entered the space and couldn’t stop looking at its architecture: high ceilings with some fluorescent lights on, ropes, a metal shutter, stage curtains, exposed brick.

Writing Realness: Nicole Birmann Bloom

Age & Beauty Part 1: Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/ This first of three sections (Part 3 is still in process) is about being an artist, gay, producing performances, the resulting pain and exhaustion—mainly delivered with a series of repetitive and energetic movements performed by Mickey Mahar, as a skinny, pale,

Writing Realness: Nikima Jagudajev

A pre-show nervousness makes me need to poop.  The complexities to this poop conundrum require that the excretion happen spontaneously without being forced. I equate my shitting with an emptiness that is necessary for the success of my performance. When I am empty, there is room for the intentions of