Reverse Theatrofilm*, as Applied to a xxxxx Situation**

Scott Xxxxxxxx in The Wooster Group’s HAMLET. Photo: Paula Court. So… I                        when I first                                        some people said well the Woosters’                           that whole blah blah blah story about the avant-garde xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as it xxxx. And I completely agree                                                    there are some exceptions and I think xxxxxxxx is one of my

A red wheelbarrow

these dancers, tere tells us early on in the interrogation. they’re so liquid in their interpreting that they’re almost like audience members inside of the dance how much comes from the audience all of these finished products will become just material he says there are big pots of geraniums on

Close Ups

puckered & gathered flat backs, side to side   turn me this way & that//hold my hand superheros on a Sunday maybe         the world doesn’t need saving tonight          (maybe you do)   thick swale of curtains blue slate black   [no, actually.

Way In

Rashaun Mitchell, Claudia La Rocco, Silas Riener and Davison Scandrett in “Way In,” a site-specific performance at Danspace Project by Mitchell and Riener, in collaboration with La Rocco and Scandrett. Photo: Paula Lobo. the athlete is off center The arms make an infinity. They stand very still, wrapped around each

A spider hangs her thread by launching

“Another Tree Dance” by Karinne Keithley Syers, at The Chocolate Factory. Photo: Brian Rogers. There was this diagonal There was you Everything just so; that’s how the reader proceeds But what if you leave the page The diagonal bleeds out Heat lamps Hand finds hip If you could not be


(I said: “Is it important to you at all to make beauty?” And then he said: “I don’t know about that word. But I want to make something I like. I don’t understand these artists that say they are working with things they don’t like–that they think are trash.”   …an exchange

“The Hole is a state of mind…”

One last hurrah at the Collapsable Hole. Photo: Paula Court. I guess summer really is over. More soon. Right after I remove the funereal nail polish… Meanwhile, one not insignificant silver lining in the not insignificant loss of the Collapsable Hole: We don’t ever have to go to Williamsburg again.