Springtime in Romania

On Thursday, May 24th, the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and Immigrants’ Theatre Project presented Eastern European Playwrights: Women Write the New, an evening of showings by the Romanian playwrights Vera Ion and Mihaela Michailov. Vera performed her one-woman show, youshine.youarebeautiful, directed by Marcy Arlin, and there was a

If you can’t stand the heat…

A few years ago, I was interviewing the b-girl Rokafella, asking her about her trajectory from a young girl in Spanish Harlem to a respected voice in hip hop, someone who travels between the worlds of concert and street dance. I remember her talking about the importance of performing for

The Theaters Are Dark

Hi everyone. It’s August. Organizing anything in August other than escaping to a remote beach just doesn’t seem like a good idea. As in my body is rejecting it on a cellular level. And anyway, theaters are mostly dark this month. Or showing things that I am not so excited

Sweet Princes and Rotten Politicians

Have you checked your email yet?? If you are on our mailing list, there is a message waiting for you, announcing the November P Club event. This email also gives you the special discount code to get your $25 ticket to The Wooster Group’s Hamlet (on Nov. 7, otherwise known

p club think tank

hiya. as some of you have observed, the performance club has been somewhat quiet this winter. part of this is that i’ve been traveling, and so there’ve been events out of town. but a larger part is that i’ve been trying to figure out how best this thing should grow

Philly Edition

Heather Olson in Susan Rethorst’s “Behold Bold Sam Dog.” Photo: Johanna Austin. This weekend, the PClub had its first official out-of-town gig, as part of a marvelous weekend at Bryn Mawr, built around the dances of Susan Rethorst ( I got to write a catalog essay about one of my