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Omagbitse Omagbemi & Jon Kinzel in Kinzel’s COWHAND CON MAN at Gibney Dance. Additional performers: Nico Brown, Simon Courchel & EmmaGrace Skove-Epes​. Photo: Scott Shaw.


We’ll be slow & then fast

The buildings are all around us

Everything will depend on weight

Lover, lie down

No, get up. Please me

If you hold my hand

If I close my eyes


The neighbors love to watch us

And when you do that lunge twist warrior three

I get all liquid I get all

I can only show you & still you won’t see


The smallest things

The curve of your line

Someone made the light elegiac

But we know better


Oh. That’s me in the future

I know so much more & still

Pink light, please


Rise up. Remember

Be a curtain, fall

We’ve caught up to elegy


But what if I still need you

You were the scaffolding

I always had to drag you around town

Ok, I wanted to

My feet moved so softly

I was like one of those women tied to the front of the ship


I was…yes. Magnificent

Dragging my scaffolding all around town

I did my 40 days & etc.

I unfurled an arm & my knees did like so & my gravity dropped &

Yes. you know


Yellow stripes & the violet girl

Hands up

When you turn around & stick your ass out, don’t think I don’t notice what you’re doing

Also, no, I don’t want to do a soundcheck

My sound is perfect

My bodies are lost (don’t say & found)

My chest, when you look at me that way, divides

Windmill leg

Beautiful, beautiful young boy of course it looks right

I have a horse emoji on my phone, which I save for special occasions

Which, not that

I’ll hold your foot & we’ll try


He’ll try more

No water conservation here

When we were young, before you moved out


Back walls are good for sulking when one is fetching & in the mood

Finally the skin splits

All this time waiting & now you have to do it the hard way

It’s never evens at the high school dance


I’ll just slide behind you here

Actually it wasn’t necessary to make you do that

Feet behind the woodpile

The girl glitters darkly & I am made your pet

We’re going to run around really weirdly for a little bit


I might die behind this column

Yeah perfecto chest bump

Everyone gets to look good

The neighbors can’t help themselves while he holds me up

I’ll gaze adoringly at you

Do we always look like ourselves?


The information we possess is vast

The sky is fast over the earthworks

The city clouds make coffee: points in space, & how

My tunic is all askew

She’s turning & turning, her shadow a great drama

New Year’s Eve always ends the same way, the room spinning & grinning

I disperse                   the adults enter

Big movement takes over when it has to


Oh the sweep of you, that you’re here until you’re not

I wanna drive fast now, baby

Rock and roll and forget like a good American

Whatever the thing is, make it undeniable

Make yourself love me again


Make believe till the end

I put my body in the river

I swim

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