Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Food waste is a growing concern, and finding ways to extend the shelf life of our groceries can not only save us money but also contribute to reducing our environmental footprint. One essential kitchen appliance that can help us achieve these goals is the Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this compact and efficient vacuum sealer.


The Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine is designed to provide the best preservation for your food, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen. This compact appliance is equipped with a built-in air sealing system and offers a range of functions to accommodate different types of foods. Before delving into its pros and cons, let’s take a closer look at its key features and usage instructions.

Key Features

  • Seal Freshness and Save Money: One of the primary purposes of a vacuum sealer is to extend the shelf life of your food items. The Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine excels in this regard with its multiple modes. Use “Short” for fragile foods like dried vegetables or chips, “Long” for soft or moist foods, and “Dry/Wet” modes for meat and vegetables. The “Canister” mode is a standout feature, keeping canister food fresh for up to 8 times longer than usual. The appliance also offers a “Seal” option for sealing bags without vacuumizing and a “Vacuum Seal” mode for automatic vacuum sealing.
  • Cooking and Meal Preparation Made Easier: Whether you’re storing discounted meats or preserving your garden-fresh vegetables, this vacuum sealer can cater to your specific needs. It extends the life of your food while retaining freshness and flavor, ensuring that your culinary creations taste just as delicious as the day you prepared them.
  • Continuous Vacuuming: Worried about overheating during continuous vacuum sealing? Meidong has you covered. The appliance features a durable stainless steel and ABS shell that can handle up to 50 working cycles without overheating or wearing out. Its slim design and non-fading finish make it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Automatic Vacuum and Strong Suction: Thanks to its highly effective vacuum pump and powerful motor, the Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine efficiently removes air to ensure an airtight seal. This not only prevents freezer burn but also reduces spoilage and food waste. The appliance’s simplified operation means you can achieve the desired vacuum level with the press of a button.
  • Comprehensive Kit and Professional Service: The package includes 1x V3210 Vacuum Sealer, 1x User Manual, 1x Small Bag Cutter, 1x Exhaust Pipe, and 5x bags. The manufacturer is committed to providing excellent customer service and promises to address any concerns within 12 hours.

Usage Instructions

Before using the Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine, it’s essential to understand some crucial usage details:

  • When vacuuming, firmly press the left/right side of the lid to ensure a perfect seal.
  • To seal a bag correctly, refer to the provided instructions on where to place the vacuum bag.
  • The machine includes a cutter and hose; if you can’t find them, consult the manual on page 5.
  • The two rubber strips and the black sponge strip are detachable and can be reattached without the need for glue if they fall off.
  • For moist foods, make the bag slightly longer, dry the food as much as possible with a paper towel, and place a folded section of paper towel in the bag to absorb excess moisture during vacuuming.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of the Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine to help you make an informed decision:


  1. Versatility: This vacuum sealer offers multiple modes, making it suitable for a wide range of foods, from fragile vegetables to moist meats.
  2. Durable Build: The stainless steel and ABS construction ensures longevity, and the machine can handle continuous use without overheating.
  3. Effective Vacuuming: With its powerful pump and motor, this appliance efficiently removes air, preventing freezer burn and food spoilage.
  4. Comprehensive Kit: The inclusion of a bag cutter, exhaust pipe, and bags in the package provides everything you need to get started.
  5. Compact Design: Its slim and compact design means it won’t take up much space on your countertop.
  6. Excellent Customer Service: Meidong promises swift customer support, addressing any concerns within 12 hours.


  1. Learning Curve: While the machine is relatively easy to use, there might be a slight learning curve, especially if you are new to vacuum sealing.
  2. Limited Bag Compatibility: Not all vacuum bags work with this machine, so it’s essential to choose the right ones to ensure proper sealing.
  3. Occasional Detachable Parts: The detachable rubber strips and sponge strip may come off, requiring reattachment.
  4. Infrequent Use: It’s recommended not to close the lid too tightly if you don’t use the machine regularly to prevent the sealing strip from losing its elasticity.


In conclusion, the Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine is a versatile and reliable kitchen appliance that can help you preserve the freshness and flavor of your food while reducing waste. With its multiple modes, durable construction, and effective vacuuming capabilities, it offers a range of benefits for both novice and experienced users.

While there may be a minor learning curve and some considerations regarding bag compatibility and detachable parts, these are easily manageable with the provided instructions and excellent customer service from Meidong.

If you’re looking for a compact and efficient vacuum sealer that can extend the shelf life of your groceries and simplify your meal preparation, the Meidong Vacuum Sealer Machine is a worthy investment. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to longer-lasting, delicious meals.

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