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We all know Marshall for their great guitar amps. But most of us didn’t know Marshall also makes awesome Bluetooth wireless headphones. These Marshall headphones are fashion-forward modern headphones with retro feel. We’re going to review top 6 Marshall headphones in this Marshall headphones review.

So without further ado, let’s start.

1. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The new Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones are very lightweight and feature softer ear-pads, making them feel very pleasant to wear on your ears. These new headphones flaunt an elegant and classy look, thanks to the textured faux leather finish.

These Marshall on-ear headphones rest directly on the ears rather than around them. The design of the arms of Marshall headphones is slicker and rather simplistic.

However, the height of the arm is kept the same. The twist and tilt angles, and the degree-of-freedoms are maintained as well so that they adjust perfectly to your ears.

The cable that comes with the Marshall Major 3 headphones, plugs in directly into the slot available under the right ear-cup. The semi-coiled cable hosts an in-line remote control as well as a microphone chamber, roughly leveled at the chin height.

The remote-control of Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth features only a single button which can be used for call-management and playback functions. The remote-control lacks track navigation and volume control features.

A gold control knob is also provided on the left ear-cup which can be used for turning the power on and off. This power control knob combines the switch and the button into a single unit and hence, makes the design of Major III headphone more compact and cleaner.

Earlier, power control was achieved using a separate button. Keeping the button pressed for 3 seconds powers the device on/off, pressing the button for a shorter duration plays/pauses the music track or answers/ends the calls, pushing the knob left or right forwards/reverses the track, pushing the knob up and down increases/decreases the volume, and a double click activates Siri.


  • Bluetooth connectivity and signal strength are strong under all conditions
  • Device setup and pairing is convenient
  • Built-in standard 3.5 mm analog audio connector in the right ear-cup for wired connection in case of low battery.
  • Marshall Major III headphones deliver clear and crisp audio quality
  • Battery last up to 30 hours according to personally conducted tests
  • The charging time is almost double as compared to the previous models
  • Music can be shared via Bluetooth by plugging in a head phone cable
  • These headphones have a rugged design and can be thrown into the travel bags without a protective casing
  • Headphones can be easily folded which makes them compact for travel
  • USB charging cable is sufficiently long and provides convenient charging experience


  • NFC single touch pairing feature is not included
  • No protective casing is part of the package
  • Absence of ANC or active noise cancellation feature
  • Minor glitches in the sound. Bluetooth mic had audio quality issues

2. Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The noise-canceling on-ear headphones are not very common because their design inherently allows the intake of external noise. The Marshall MID ANC are wireless headphones with active noise cancellation capability which renders them suitable for use in public transport and noisy ambiance.

Marshall didn’t target the audiophile market with this Marshall Bluetooth headphone and therefore, the audio quality is quite main stream with warm sound and bass response.

The look of the Marshall Mid ANC is similar to that of Marshall Mid Wireless from the previous year with an added active noise cancellation slider on the right ear-cup.

The ANC feature is kept independent from the battery power by Marshall. A red dot on the ANC slider indicates that ANC is powered off whereas a golden dot indicates that ANC is powered-on.

The headphones employ metal hinges which ensures a rugged construction. The headphone controls are located on the left ear-cup with the Marshall’s signature golden control knob.

Power, pairing, playback and volume are all controlled by this one control knob which is very simple and intuitive to operate. Each ear-cup as well as the headband proudly carries the Marshalls insignia.


  • Beautiful Retro design
  • Warm and punchy sound
  • A cable comes along with the Marshall headphones for wired listening or when the battery is drained
  • The smooth and compact folding of the Marshall Mid ANC headphones cups make them portable and travel-friendly
  • For ultimate user comfort, the ear-pads are wrapped in faux leather while the headband is wrapped with suede
  • The headphones come in an elegant case with Marshall’s signature interior carpeted with red velvet
  • 20 hours long battery life with ANC powered-on and 30 hours battery life without ANC
  • Good noise cancellation capabilities even without ANC activation


  • ANC can be turned-on even without a Bluetooth connection. This means if you don’t turn of ANC, the feature will keep draining the battery even if the headphones are turned-off
  • It is not possible for the ear-cups to fold in a flat fashion
  • Marshall Mid ANC provided a mediocre performance with ambient noise cancellation

3. Marshall Major II Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

Marshall Major II Bluetooth On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Marshall headphones primarily address the fashion-savvy audience rather than the audiophile category. The latest product offering of the company is the Marshall Major II Bluetooth which also happens to be the first wireless headphones product from Marshall.

Both the wired as well as the Bluetooth versions of the headphones share an identical product design which is inherited from the Marshall’s famous amplifier product line.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones provide good audio quality in a compact size that is ideal for price-tag conscious audience. Depending on the color scheme, the price might vary significantly.

The semi-coiled detachable cable has a built-in single-button remote control as well as a microphone for phone calls and works well with Android and iOS phones.

Instead of the more common straight plug, the cable has a more durable L-plug. The package contains Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones, USB charging cable, detachable 3.5 mm coiled audio cable and instructions manual.


  • The dual 3.5 mm audio jack allows the user to wear the cable on either side and also share the music with friends
  • Significant sound improvement as compared to the previous model
  • A wired metal hinge slider is used to adjust the size of headband and support the ear-cups
  • The ear-cups and the headband are padded with soft faux leather for user comfort
  • Marshall Major II Bluetooth filters out the noise quite well even without active noise cancellation
  • Both the wired and wireless audio connectivity available
  • The design is compact and foldable
  • When plugged in, the short-coiled section provides extra slack
  • Battery lasts for 30 hours of continuous playback


  • Incompatible with many smartphone cases
  • No provision for multiple device pairing
  • Inability of running Siri and Google Now from the headphones
  • The plastic build quality doesn’t ensure durability and reliability

4. Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The Marshall Mid headphones have a character of their own. With the Marshall’s recognizable insignia on the top, the headphones come packed in a medium sized box packaging.

The design of Marshall MID Bluetooth wireless headphones strikes a strong resemblance with Marshall’s guitar amplifier series. The amplifier inspired headphone design implies black color theme, leatherette and headphone cables inspired by chunky guitar leads.

A look at the style of Marshall Mid headphones clearly reveals that these have been designed with rock n roll fans in mind.

Both the ear-cups of the Marshall headphones have coiled cables running into them. This is definitely a vintage design inspired from the studio headphones of the 70s. The exterior is rather simplistic with Marshall’s logo being the only thing catching the eye.

The headphone design also incorporates a micro USB charging slot as well as a 3.5 mm audio jack. In case the battery runs out, the headphones can be wired directly through the audio jack.

The overall design of MID is slimmer and simpler as compared to the Marshall Major II. This simple design of MIDs makes them attractive and comfortable in their own unique way.


  • Clear and fuller sound with Bass and treble
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Passive noise cancellation is impressive
  • Reasonably priced
  • Battery life is 30 hours long on an average
  • The brushed-black metal band of the headband clicks between different size settings
  • Coiled audio cables
  • The single-button remote control and microphone allows for answering/ending calls
  • Audio/video synchronization issues are eliminated by the AptX technology
  • Foldable, compact and portable design


  • No casing comes with the package
  • Issue of background noise in wired mode
  • Less durable wire brackets
  • The pressure from the headband causes fatigue after one hour of use

5. Marshall M-ACCS-00152 Monitor Headphones

Marshall M-ACCS-00152 Monitor Headphones

The Marshall Monitor headphones are perhaps one of the most compact over-ear headphones available in the market. Both the ear-cups can be folded inwards to reduce the form factor of the headphones.

This feature comes in handy when you don’t have too much space in your travel bag and also makes day to day handling quite easy.

The black colored headphones come framed in a compact way within an elegant package. Underneath the headphones, there lies a rugged canvas bag with a detachable coiled headphone cable inside.

Instead of real leather, Marshall headphones make use of vinyl faux leather for exterior padding. The textured vinyl faux leather provides a durable and attractive alternative for the real leather.

The metal ear-cups and the PU leather under the headband reinforce the vintage rock n roll inspired style of these headphones. All in all, these are some classy headphones with a distinct and unique character of their own.

The built-in in-line controls include a microphone and a multi-purpose button, which are used for functions such as play, pause, forward and reverse by a series of button presses. These controls are very convenient to use. However, the absence of volume controls is a major drawback.


  • Great noise cancellation
  • Very compact form factor specially when folded
  • Upper register is light and clean
  • Easier music sharing with other listeners via dual inputs
  • Signature Marshall design
  • The coiled cord is detachable
  • Small felt inserts are placed underneath the removable pads. These felts are known as “F.T.F. System” by Marshall. The FTF system gives the listener control over the headset’s sound curve
  • The plush underneath the headband ensures utmost user comfort
  • The soft padding on the ear-cups ensures relaxed grip around the head and ears, and avoids fatigue
  • Full bodied audio performance with or without FTF filters


  • Frequency imbalance problems occur occasionally
  • Absence of volume control buttons
  • A tad bit tight and inconvenient for longer listening sessions
  • The build and the materials’ quality do not justify the higher price point

6. Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Marshall Monitor Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Like all other Marshall headphones of the Marshall’s headphones product line, the design of Monitor Bluetooth headphone is inspired from the Marshalls infamous guitar amplifier product line.

The right ear-cup is equipped with a micro USB charging port as well as a 3.5 mm audio jack. In addition to that, a tiny microphone is also built at the front of the ear-cup.

Various phone and music related functions can be controlled by using the gold control knob provided at the bottom of the left ear-cup. This gold control knob is similar to the mini control sticks found on the other headphones such as Marshall MID Bluetooth headphone.

This multi-function control knob allows the user to play/pause, forward/reverse, up/down volume and answer/reject the phone calls. The headset can also be turned on/off by pressing the knob button long enough.

The Marshall Monitor headphones are basically over-ear headphones, which are designed in order to smoothly fit around the ears and to provide a higher degree of noise cancellation as compared to the on-ear models.

The arm length adjustment mechanism is neatly hidden under the headband padding which provides an elegant and neat look to the pair.


  • Decent noise canceling headphones (although no ANC)
  • Very compact, portable and travel-friendly design
  • Removable ear-cups for easier maintenance
  • CD quality audio output if the media playing device supports it
  • Strong Bluetooth signal integrity up to a distance of 30 meters between the headphones and the device
  • 30 hours long battery life
  • Comfortable padding around the ear-cups and the headband
  • Great performance for the price tag
  • Cable enables you to keep listening in case the battery runs out of power
  • Easy music sharing with other listeners using the 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Great adjust-ability and availability in a variety of sizes


  • Headphones need to be powered-off manually when operating in wired modes
  • Absence of active noise cancellation and multi-device connectivity
  • Absence of volume control on the in-line controls
  • The performance of in-line microphone is average
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