Magic Seal MS175 Vacuum Sealer Review: Preserving Freshness Made Effortless

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining the freshness of food has become a paramount concern. The Magic Seal MS175 Vacuum Sealer offers an innovative solution to this challenge. Combining advanced technology with creative design, this vacuum sealer aims to simplify food preservation while promoting a healthier lifestyle. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features, functionality, and user experiences of the Magic Seal MS175, shedding light on its strengths and considerations.

Innovative Design and Functionality: The Magic Seal MS175 Vacuum Sealer boasts a distinctive nozzle design that accommodates various types of bags, including smooth flat bags, chamber pouches, and mylar bags. The machine offers adjustable vacuum and sealing times, catering to the specific requirements of different food items. Notably, it is important to mention that the MS175 is not compatible with textured or embossed bags, a limitation worth noting.

Enhanced Moist and Liquid Sealing: A standout feature of the MS175 is its external 500ml liquid catch container, designed to handle batches of liquid-rich foods like seafood and fresh meats. This separate design not only simplifies the cleaning process but also ensures efficient sealing of moisture-laden items. However, it’s crucial to mention that the vacuum power might not be suitable for relatively stiff, heavy mylar retort pouches.

Versatile Operation Modes: The vacuum sealer offers multiple operation modes. While automatic vacuum mode suits most needs, the manual option empowers users to control vacuum pressure, making it ideal for delicate or juicy foods. Moreover, the machine’s 250-watt power can not only vacuum seal dry and moist foods but also inflate bags containing soft, delicate items like bread and chips.

Robust Sealing Performance: The Magic Seal MS175 stands out with its wider 8mm sealing bar, a significant improvement over the common 3-4mm width seen in other vacuum sealers. This 8mm width, combined with adjustable sealing time, ensures a strong and airtight seal for various thicknesses of vacuum bags, minimizing the risk of air leakage.

Convenience and Additional Features: The built-in bag cutter simplifies the process of creating custom-sized bags, while the accessory port allows vacuuming containers for extended freshness. The package also includes 10 smooth vacuum bags and a set of liquid catch containers, enhancing the value of the product.


  • Innovative nozzle design for versatile bag compatibility.
  • External liquid catch container for sealing moist foods.
  • Manual mode for customized vacuum pressure.
  • Wider 8mm sealing bar for robust sealing performance.
  • Built-in bag cutter and accessory port for added convenience.


  • Not compatible with textured or embossed bags.
  • Vacuum power might be insufficient for stiff mylar retort pouches.
  • Maintenance might be required for liquid-sealed items to clean internal parts.

Conclusion: The Magic Seal MS175 Vacuum Sealer offers an innovative approach to food preservation, combining technology and creativity to ensure freshness and healthier living. Its nozzle design, adjustable vacuum and sealing times, and enhanced sealing performance make it a reliable choice for households seeking efficient food storage solutions. While not without limitations, the MS175’s features and benefits provide a compelling option for those looking to extend the shelf life of their food items.

In the quest for a vacuum sealer that bridges the gap between commercial-grade functionality and a compact design, the Magic Seal MS175 stands out as a commendable contender.

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