LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair Review: Comfort and Functionality for Small Spaces

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a comfortable and stylish chair that fits perfectly in a small living space can be a challenging task. The LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair, available in sleek black, offers a promising solution to this predicament. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features, pros, and cons of this recliner, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed purchase decision.

Key Features

Before diving into the pros and cons, let’s explore the key features of the LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair:

  1. Compact Design: The dimensions of this recliner, measuring 28″D x 19.5″W x 39″H when closed, make it an ideal choice for small living spaces. Its ability to fit comfortably in tight corners or cozy apartments is a notable advantage.
  2. Adjustability: This recliner is not just about aesthetics; it’s highly functional too. It offers a freely adjustable footrest angle, ranging from 90° to 165°, allowing you to find the perfect position for relaxation.
  3. High-Quality Fabric: The chair is upholstered with high-quality fabric that is both skin-friendly and wear-resistant. This material choice ensures durability and comfort, making it suitable for everyday use.
  4. Thickened Sponge Filler: The chair’s thickened sponge filler provides excellent cushioning and support. It retains its elasticity without deforming, ensuring a comfortable sitting experience for extended periods.
  5. Sturdy Frame: The wooden frame of this recliner is designed for stability, with a weight capacity of 265 pounds. This sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability.
  6. Easy Assembly: Setting up the LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair is a breeze. It involves simply attaching the legs and securing the backrest, making it accessible for individuals with various levels of DIY expertise.

Now that we’ve outlined the key features let’s delve into the pros and cons of this recliner.


  1. Space-Saving Design: One of the standout features of this recliner is its compact design, making it an excellent choice for small apartments, bedrooms, or home theaters with limited space.
  2. Adjustable Comfort: The recliner’s ability to adjust the footrest angle from 90° to 165° ensures that you can find the perfect position for relaxation. Whether you want to read a book, watch TV, or take a nap, this chair has you covered.
  3. Skin-Friendly Fabric: The high-quality fabric used in the upholstery is both comfortable against the skin and resistant to wear and tear. It’s a perfect choice for those who prioritize both comfort and durability.
  4. Thickened Sponge Filler: The thick sponge filler in the seat and backrest offers exceptional support and comfort. It retains its shape, ensuring that you won’t sink uncomfortably into the chair after prolonged use.
  5. Sturdy Construction: The wooden frame of this recliner provides stability and can support up to 265 pounds. You can rest assured that it will stand the test of time.
  6. Easy Assembly: Assembling this chair is a hassle-free process, making it accessible for users of all DIY skill levels. It won’t take hours to set up, allowing you to enjoy your new recliner quickly.
  7. Variety of Uses: The LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair is versatile and can be placed in various settings, including the living room, bedroom, or home theater. Its adaptability is a significant advantage.


  1. Initial Odor: Some customers have reported an initial strong odor upon receiving the chair. However, this odor tends to dissipate over time with proper airing and the use of fabric fresheners.
  2. Durability of Fabric: A few users have expressed concerns about the durability of the fabric, noting that it can easily snag or pull. While it offers initial comfort and quality, its long-term resilience may be a point of consideration.
  3. Reclining Mechanism: A minor mechanical issue has been reported by some users, where the reclining mechanism may not always hold its position, causing the chair to return to an upright position easily. This could potentially be a minor inconvenience.
  4. Color Discrepancy: In a couple of instances, customers received a recliner in a different color than what they ordered. While this issue can be resolved through customer service, it’s worth noting for potential buyers.


In conclusion, the LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair offers a compelling solution for those seeking comfort and functionality in a compact living space. Its adjustable features, skin-friendly fabric, and sturdy construction make it a valuable addition to any room. However, it’s essential to consider potential concerns such as the initial odor, fabric durability, and the reclining mechanism’s reliability.

This recliner excels in its ability to blend seamlessly into various settings, from the living room to the bedroom or home theater. Its compact design ensures it can fit into tight spaces without compromising on comfort.

Ultimately, the LSSBOUGHT Fabric Recliner Chair caters to those in search of a practical and stylish seating solution for smaller living spaces. Its ease of assembly and adaptability make it a worthy contender in the world of recliners.

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