Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuum Sealer Machine Review

Introduction: The Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuum Sealer Machine is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to enhance food preservation. With features such as multiple sealing modes, a built-in cutter, and a starter kit, this vacuum sealer aims to offer convenience and effectiveness in extending the shelf life of various foods. In this detailed review, we’ll delve into the machine’s features, its performance, user experiences, and overall value.

Product Overview: The Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuum Sealer Machine boasts a combination of thoughtful design and practical features. Measuring 14.17 x 3.9 x 1.57 inches and weighing 1.3 kilograms, this compact appliance fits comfortably into any kitchen space. Its sleek silver and black color scheme adds a touch of modernity. The package includes the vacuum sealer itself, a bag roll (8″*79″), five vacuum-seal bags (8″*11.8″), an air suction hose, and a power cord. With an operating voltage of 110 Volts and wattage of 110 watts, it’s a corded electric device that’s designed to handle various food sealing tasks.

Features and Modes: The INK-VS01 offers an impressive set of features tailored to different sealing needs:

  • Vacuum Power: The appliance features a robust -80kPa suction power, allowing for quick and efficient vacuum sealing of a variety of foods.
  • Multiple Sealing Modes: The vacuum sealer offers five distinct modes, including Dry, Moist, Vac Seal, Jar Sealing, and Seal Mode. This versatility accommodates a wide range of foods, from marinated meats to dry snacks and even soups.
  • Built-in Cutter: The built-in 11.8″ width cutter simplifies the process of customizing bag sizes. Users can easily create bags that fit their specific food items, reducing wastage and ensuring a snug fit for effective sealing.
  • Continuous Vacuuming: The vacuum sealer’s ability to vacuum 100 times continuously makes it a valuable addition to preserving foods, including meats, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and even brewing ingredients.


  • Versatile sealing modes cater to various food types and textures, from moist to dry.
  • Built-in cutter aids in creating custom-sized bags, minimizing material wastage.
  • Strong -80kPa suction power ensures effective air removal for prolonged food freshness.
  • Compact design saves kitchen space and makes it convenient to store.
  • Comes with a starter kit, including bag rolls and vacuum-seal bags.
  • High preservation time, up to 10 times longer than traditional storage methods.
  • Manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty, indicating product reliability and customer support.


  • Some users report inconsistent performance, with around 50% successful sealing and occasional air leaks or malfunctions.
  • Capacitive touch buttons might be prone to accidental activation, leading to undesirable outcomes.

User Experiences: A variety of experiences have been shared by users in the United States. While approximately 50% of users find the vacuum sealer to work perfectly, others have encountered issues such as air leakage after vacuum sealing, devices getting stuck during operation, and occasional problems with touch buttons affecting sealing quality. Some users have praised the product’s effectiveness in preserving food and have found it particularly useful for sealing leftovers, snacks, and bulk ingredients. The initial model, INK-VS01, received mixed reviews due to its performance inconsistencies and touch button design.

Upgrade and Positive Response: Inkbird’s response to customer feedback is noteworthy. After a user expressed dissatisfaction with the INK-VS01, the company offered an upgraded unit, the INK-VS03, for evaluation. This newer version addressed several concerns, including the transition from capacitive touch buttons to physical buttons and the relocation of the slider within the device. These changes aimed to enhance user experience and prevent accidental activations. The user appreciated the improvements, suggesting that while the initial model had limitations, the upgraded version seemed promising.

Conclusion: The Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuum Sealer Machine presents a mixed performance based on user experiences. Its compact design, multiple sealing modes, and built-in cutter offer convenience for preserving a wide array of foods. However, concerns about touch button functionality and occasional inconsistencies in vacuum sealing performance have been raised. The subsequent release of the INK-VS03 with improved features demonstrates Inkbird’s commitment to addressing user feedback. While the initial model had its drawbacks, the upgraded version appears to hold promise for providing a more reliable and effective food preservation solution.

Inkbird’s reputation for producing reliable devices, such as temperature controllers for fermentation and brewing processes, adds credibility to their efforts to enhance their vacuum sealer line. With the right adjustments, the INK-VS03 could potentially address the shortcomings of its predecessor, providing a dependable option for users seeking to extend the shelf life of their foods efficiently and effectively.

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