Cowin E7 Headphones Review – Best Meets Budget

Cowin E7 are very popular over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones in Amazon. Although you’ve never heard of the brand and they are pretty cheap, they are elegant high-quality headphones. It caused me great anxiety at first, as I never heard of the brand before but hear me out, they are awesome pair of headphones.

They are so successful that the brand Cowin actually came up with a newer more improved headphones Cowin E7 Pro. We’d review E7 Pro sometimes soon. So, let’s start with the Cowin E7 headphones review

What’s good?

Over 25000 high customer ratings, professional active noise cancelling technology, large 40mm sound drivers and cheap price makes the Cowin e7 a must have. The build quality is very good. Comes with NFC and Bluetooth. Earpads are comfortable and the headphone is lightweight. I’ve found Cowin E7 to be durable and high-quality headphones for listening to a longer period of time.

cowin e7 headphones review

Ear pads

They are indeed very comfortable. It feels good on my ears, mostly because the cups rotate 90 degrees. I didn’t realize how important these rotating ear muffins were for comfort before I got them. The small changes you make from time to time can certainly be helpful for having these on for a long time. The ear cups rotate on swivels at the ends of the headband arms and rotate flat for transport and storage. The earpad openings are 53mm x 35mm on average, but not very deep.


The adjustment arms slides out from both ends of the headband. Detents are used in arms. Many changes can be made to make it stay in place. They’re lightweight too, so they don’t feel heavy on the head.

The headband and earpads look like they are made of relatively cheap synthetic leather, but for now, they feel good, especially for this price range. The headband and earpad foams are not memory foam. The headphones are a bit heavy with 281 grams and sometimes it feels like the headband puts too much pressure on my head. I figured the elongation of the headband did make it better.


Cowin e7 headphones accessories

The cable supplied is slightly short at 48 inches and ends at each end with just 3.5 mm TRS plugs. The cable is plugged into the right earpad in the center of the right rear. USB charging cable and a carrying bag made of artificial leather is also included. A stronger clam-shell carry case is available as an option.

Noise cancellation

The noise cancellation on the Cowin E7 is not the best I’ve ever used. I can still hear some things when it is very loud. I probably would just put it on noise dampening rather than noise cancellation. Though I am happy with the noise cancellation, I have only used some of the highest quality products that cannot be compared.

Quite surprisingly the clarity of the audio is impressive, being a Bluetooth headset. It was my favorite part, which surprised me. There are lots of sounds that don’t come from my usual speakers. For the price range, these headphones do provide superior sound quality.

Cowin e7 headphones controls


Cowin E7 button design provides good feedback. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding the controls on the right ear. The chrome triangle on the outside of the right ear cup offers volume / play / pause / response control functions. The volume control, which uses the corners of the front leg of the triangle, uses the upper portion to reduce the volume and the lower part to increase it, while short presses do not change the volume up or down.

Gently press the control track forward or backward. Long and sustained pressure is required; after about a second when you press a corner, the volume starts to increase or decrease about one second apart. The volume control works in wired and Bluetooth mode. They also have a special switch to activate Bluetooth and noise cancellation.

Built-in microphone

There’s also a handy switch that lets you scroll through your phone’s playlist or answer a call using the built-in microphone.


It takes about three hours to fully charge from 0% and the battery life looks reasonably good when you look at what the company has promised: 30 hours of play on a single charge. The longest time I used it without recharging was around 24 hours and I had no problem of battery drainage.

Cowin E7 does not work on the cable when the batteries are dead. The headphones must be switched on for the cable to work. Therefore, the headphones should be turned on for the cable and noise cancellation to work. However, it works in cable and Bluetooth mode while charging.


  • Cowin E7 headphones come with 18 months of warranty
  • Well-padded and comfortable headsets
  • Relatively lightweight
  • The padding used for headband and ear cups is soft, reducing the retention effect of these headphones on some listeners.
  • These are securely fitted on some heads, which means that they do not move much during occasional listening sessions and even light jogging.


  • The plastic used appears to be of poor quality and cheap manufacturing quality.
  • These headphones cannot be folded down to take up less space.
  • These are not the ideal headphones for running or outdoor activities.


Yup, these are a great pair of headphones, worth getting at this price point. You can also check Cowin E7 Pro since that’s the updated latest version available right now. Worth spending the slightly increased price.

Cowin E7 Headphones Review – Best Meets Budget
Cowin E7 Headphones Review – Best Meets Budget
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