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I hope you all rested up this month. Really savored it. Spent lots of time “journaling,” or whatever it is kids are calling it nowadays…

Because September, as we all know, is back-to-theater time.

Here’s the official P Club event: David Levine‘s Habit, “a durational performance installation that features three actors performing a 90-minute drama on a continuous loop for eight hours a day.” No easing into the shallow end of the pool for us.

David is a super smart and thoughtful guy. He’s a good person to agree and disagree with – it doesn’t really get much better than that. And he spends a lot of time thinking about issues surrounding what it is to be an audience member, what exactly this encounter is all about – really, he should make an event for the Performance Club.

In the meantime, Habit, a co-presentation by Crossing the Line and P.S. 122, sounds like it has a lot of potential. Better, yet, it’s free, requires no reservations and runs continuously from 1 to 9 p.m. every day between the 21st and 30th at the Essex Street Market, Building B (130 Essex Street, between Rivington & Stanton Streets).

I will be going on the final day, which is actually the only day I can attend. I will be jet-lagged, and probably coming straight from the airport. Perhaps David will take pity on me and let me take a nap in that cozy-looking bedroom. Even the couch will do.

Please let me know if you plan on coming that day as well, so we can reconnoiter. Otherwise, see you online…

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