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It happens with all of us, can’t find our Airpods all of a sudden. Need a new pair of Apple headphones! If you’re wondering what options do you have, this article reviews all the Apple headphones available on market today. So without further ado, let’s find out the right Airpod for you.

1. Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case (Newest model)

Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case Apple Headphones Wireless

Back in March, Apple released the second-generation Apple Headphone Apple AirPods which had several improvements compared to the already popular Apple wireless earbuds.

And if you are wondering how improved the latest iPhone AirPods can be from the older model or if there are some similarities amongst them, we’ve prepared an in-depth review of the best Apple headphones of 2020.

The latest Apple AirPods 2 features wireless charging and Siri assistance, along with improved call times and improved audio quality.

The all new iPhone Bluetooth headphone AirPods 2 were released on the market in 2020, resembling the design of the previous versions, yet with a notable difference when it comes to performance.

The AirPods 2 is a iPhone headphone that features a wireless charging case and a set of improved buds with the innovative H1 chip. Basically, you can activate Siri by saying hey Siri!

Although, this is not a water or sweat resistant model, whilst an equalizer or ambient-playing is not available, you can buy AirPods 2 without the wireless charging support and you can opt for purchasing the case separately for the AirPods later.


  • Thin and comfortable easy to wear design
  • Bluetooth connection has been Improved
  • Hands-free access to Siri assistance
  • Audio experience has been improved with impressive sound
  • User-friendly, pleasant to wear
  • Impressive calling experience for both caller and receiver
  • Good charging case
  • Battery can last up to 5 hours
  • Receptive design that does not block outside noise entirely for safer usage. Because of this, it can be troublesome if you are seeking noise cancelling headphones.


  • Very limited earphone controls
  • Absence of both equalizer and ambient-playing mode
  • The earbuds tend to slip away since there are no earhooks
  • They are not water or sweat resistant
  • Available in white, which it can be a downside as every tiny particle of dust or dirt on their body is visible
  • One charge can get you up to 6 hours of usage or just 4 hours of continuous listening with the highest volume
  • Some users noted that the Apple AirPods can lose energy levels even though they are not paired to something, if they are not properly stored in their charging case
  • Also, others sensed that one of the Apple earbuds can diminish in performance from the other, but we are not sure why this happens
  • Not good as noise cancelling headphones due to the fact that noisy environments are not blocked out, as you can still hear it, which is why for this purpose your will want to consider buying over ear headphones

2. Apple AirPods with Charging Case (original model)

When it comes to the design of Apple headphones, there is little to no distinction amongst the original Apple wireless earphone, Airpods and the second generation Airpods. Hence, the long shape of the iphone earbuds and the charging case looks a lot like a pill case.

The only difference being the fact that the newer charging case comes with a little LED light to get you info about the charging stage of the buds ( green is for fully charged, while orange while charging).

Of course, the audio experience is the same for both the original Apple AirPods and the second-generation iPhone earbuds. With a lively and impressive playback, the iPhone head phones still lack a bit of quality for higher-frequency songs and the bass experience is almost in-existent. The iPhone EarPods are great for managing calls, as they offer a qualitative audio outcome on both ends.

Apple AirPods 2 appeared on the market along with an individual wireless charging case specially designed for Apple wireless headphones.

This wireless charging case can be used with the first and second-generation of Apple wireless earbuds, which means you can purchase it separately for the original Apple headphones, if you already own a pair.

It is simple to use; all you have to do is position the iPhone AirPods in the case and activate the Qi-enabled wireless charging feature.


  • Rapid pairing with the devices
  • The improved chip lets you access Siri by using the words `Hey, Siri`. It’s actually better when compared with previous models that required a double tap on the earbud to activate it
  • Another interesting feature is audio sharing amongst Apple devices. If you and your friend own a set of AirPods, you can place the phones together and you can share the listening experience via your earbuds
  • User-friendly, these Apple earbuds allow you to manage messages, including those from applications, by simply telling Siri what to responds, after the message is read to you
  • Latency is reduced, when compared to previous models
  • Apple states that this second-generation Apple AirPods can provide up to 3 hours of talk time with only one charge
  • The all new wireless charging option of the case lets you access Qi-compatible charging mats to recharge the case. This means you can charge the case without going through the hassle of cables


  • You’d have to pay extra for the wireless charging case
  • Silicone ear tips aren’t adjustable, won’t fit different ear sizes
  • Not recommendable for workouts or other intense activities, as they can slip and fall off your ears
  • Charging via wireless is a lot slower than it is with the Lightning cable.

3. Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

A few things make Apple earpods worth checking out, among which are the minimalist design, great in-line microphone or, of course, the lightweight and easy to use design. The iPhone EarPods represent a mix between the in-ear earphones and earbud earphones, as they cannot be inserted entirely in the ear.

The Apple Earpods stand out due to the all-white materials used for its design. Great for extended periods of listening, these Apple headphones come in a universal size, meant to suit all ear sizes.

But if they do not fit correctly for your ear size, you will have a rather hard time to listen in a noisy environment. Of course, when compared to previous models, these Apple Earpods are improved but not as much.

These Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector are a type of improvement of the previous EarPods. They come with all the features included in the former model, yet the plug is distinct.

They work perfectly, while adding little to no pressure on your ears whilst wearing it. If you are looking for buying a new pair of Apples EarPods, this might be the perfect choice for you.


  • Reliable sound
  • No Distortion noted, even at higher volumes
  • Steady in the ears, no slippage noted
  • No microphonics observed whilst listening, as it might happen with cable headphones
  • In-line microphone offers great calling experience
  • The three-button control functions perfectly for call management or media controls


  • Very flat sound that does not resemble the real sound experience
  • The EarPods with Lightning connector come with basic and mid-range sounds
  • To use these Apple EarPods, you will have to update your device to iOS10

4. Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug

Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug

The Apple EarPods feature a carrying case not included in previous Apple iBuds models. The dimensions resemble a bit like the MacBook Air charger. Being around 11 inches, the travel case is great for storing iPhone EarPods while you’re out traveling.

These Apple EarPods are also designed with ceramic-like plastic, the core distinction between them and previous models being the fact that the driver ports are positioned towards the edge. This redirects the audio straight into your ear.

The Apple headphones resemble both a pair of earbuds and the original Apple Earphones. The hard, white plastic is molded in such manner that the EarPods sit gently on the cleft of the ear, making them comfortable to wear. These are the only iPhone headphones you can use on older models with headphone jack.

An interesting feature is the vents included on the outer side of each ear piece. This permits a better music experience, as the sound is allowed to move freely all around the earphones.

The cord is quite similar to the one used in existing models, being made from grey rubber and having a standard white 3.5mm plug.

The update comes from the inline-remote and microphone, having curvier design and a bigger size. In addition, this new remote is more receptive to touch, allowing faster responses to volume up/down or other multifunctionality features. If you look closely, you will note that the Siri sign is positioned on the back of the middle button.


  • Due to the 3.5mm jack, you can pair these Apple Earpods to almost any device including Apple iPhone 7
  • The inline remote is improved from the older generation
  • Improved sound quality due to the newer design that redirects the sound towards the ear canal
  • Bettered sound balance, as the EarPods offer a pleasant listening experience
  • They come with improved isolation when compared with previous Apple Earphones
  • The comfort is good, if you manage to understand how the Apple EarPods need to be positioned
  • They aren’t prone to slipping out
  • Good microphone sound quality, as it is noticeable with previous models, too. Great for voice calls


  • Besides all the positive aspects, some leakage noted
  • If you are in need of a personalized tip for the EarPods, you should know that larger or smaller sizes have a hard time to find the correct fit;
  • Not so great for noisy set-ups, as the EarPods are not meant to isolate entirely outside noises
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