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Body Count

By Sarah Maxfield On Saturday, June 23, 2012, I gathered a group of dance improvisers at the Museum of Arts and Design to interpret a score I had structured.  The project, In and Out of ...

Jul, 09

We call it “dance therapy”

By Troy Schumacher, as told to Claudia La Rocco When I see these photos, especially the one of the foot missing a toenail—it makes me think how we as dancers are so used to seeing ...

Jul, 05

Another Thing in July I am Super Sad to Be Missing

(the first being this) Cynthia Carr is one of my heroes. Her collection of Village Voice essays, On Edge: Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century, expanded my ideas of what criticism could be ...

Jul, 02

Regarding the Queer New York International Arts Festival

Dear Alastair, As I said when we ran into each other at The Invisible Dog, when I imagined all the people I might run into at François and Cecilia’s performance, you didn’t come to mind. ...

Jun, 25

Ode to Sweat

Perspiration is so par for the course in dance that it typically doesn’t warrant mention, beyond the occasional casual one. Dancers work hard; they sweat; big deal. Except every once in awhile it is a ...

Mar, 15

The Michelson Mystique: Siobhan Burke on the Whitney Biennial

Performers on View After the remarks—in which everyone expresses their admiration for everyone else who has contributed to this admirable group effort, emphasizing how monumental that effort has been and the greatness of each and ...

Mar, 01


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