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Aria to a Hole (Adapted from Facebook, not Tom Murrin)

  By Paul Lazar I promise (maybe) that this is my last missive about the Radiohole show Myth or Meth but I feel that a lot of the comments about it are selling it short ’cause ...

May, 01

Leisurely Promenade

On Richard Foreman’s Old-Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance) * End of play. We come to this now for comfort is that ok? An old man with white hair I was traveling ok ok it’s not ...

May, 07

Performance at the Beginning of the 21st Century

By Aaron Mattocks Download a copy of this essay “On that glittery globe called the art world, performance is an impoverished country, generally unsupported by prestigious museums and rich collectors.” So wrote Cynthia Carr in ...

Oct, 02

Einstein for the First Time

  By Siobhan Burke The performance begins before it begins when I am on the train. I have 11 minutes but I need at least 16. Or earlier, this morning, when lost in thought, mid-cereal, ...

Sep, 27


I asked David Levine (our September artist) if I could publish this essay, which he wrote for  Art/US (no. 13, June, 2006). He responded: Let’s just stress that it was written in 2006, at a ...

Sep, 11

Sweet Princes and Rotten Politicians

Have you checked your email yet?? If you are on our mailing list, there is a message waiting for you, announcing the November P Club event. This email also gives you the special discount code ...

Sep, 06

Back in the Habit (obvious/lame pun intended, forgive)

I hope you all rested up this month. Really savored it. Spent lots of time “journaling,” or whatever it is kids are calling it nowadays… Because September, as we all know, is back-to-theater time. Here’s ...

Aug, 31


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