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Jan, 08

Reverse Theatrofilm*, as Applied to a xxxxx Situation**

So… I                        when I first                                        some people said well the Woosters’                           that whole blah blah blah story about the avant-garde xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as it xxxx. And I completely agree                                                    there are some exceptions and I think ...

Nov, 12

Sweet Princes and Rotten Politicians

Have you checked your email yet?? If you are on our mailing list, there is a message waiting for you, announcing the November P Club event. This email also gives you the special discount code ...

Sep, 06

Plain-Spoken, Richly Sung

I can’t remember the first Richard Maxwell song I heard. But I do remember, and clearly, how I felt when his New York City Players massed on the stage and lifted their voices—those oh-so-vulnerable, unladen ...

Apr, 24

Odds & Ends

1. Last month, New York City Ballet presented its first all-Wheeldon evening.  It was an evening both heady (New works! Star dancers! Return-ish of prodigal-ish son!) and horrifying (Jennie Somogyi tore her Achilles’ tendon on ...

Feb, 15


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