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Reading Rainbow

A few links, with no particular order, rhyme or reason. In case your post-meal plans today do not consist solely of passing out in front of moving images: Thoughts on Some sweet day from Danielle ...

Nov, 22

Plain-Spoken, Richly Sung

I can’t remember the first Richard Maxwell song I heard. But I do remember, and clearly, how I felt when his New York City Players massed on the stage and lifted their voices—those oh-so-vulnerable, unladen ...

Apr, 24

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love…

“Dance, choreography, performance—our turf has become somewhat the baby of museums, biennales, etc. … it’s flattering to be invited, but it’s only when we get invited a second time that something starts to happen. It’s ...

Mar, 06

Odds & Ends

1. Last month, New York City Ballet presented its first all-Wheeldon evening.  It was an evening both heady (New works! Star dancers! Return-ish of prodigal-ish son!) and horrifying (Jennie Somogyi tore her Achilles’ tendon on ...

Feb, 15


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