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Judson Has Left the Building

By Karen Sherman The remarkable force of Howard’s personality encouraged us to try to better the world. –David Epstein, playwright Last month, on a Saturday morning, I went to two churches. The first was Judson, ...

Dec, 24

Skin Deep

By Kathy Wasik Last weekend, I danced in Deborah Hay’s Blues, a work presented as part of a series curated by the choreographer Ralph Lemon at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. ...

Nov, 09

Performance at the Beginning of the 21st Century

By Aaron Mattocks Download a copy of this essay “On that glittery globe called the art world, performance is an impoverished country, generally unsupported by prestigious museums and rich collectors.” So wrote Cynthia Carr in ...

Oct, 02

Parades are for amateurs

Besides, you don’t have time this weekend (barbeques are ok; you have to keep your strength up, after all). There is simply too much to do. Including: 1. The one-and-only Yackez is performing its much-anticipated ...

May, 23

Reflections on an All Day Event

By Aynsley Vandenbroucke I tiptoe into the sanctuary at one-thirty, join fellow parishioners of art. In the silence, my mind feels loud.  The hour for each improvising performer invites me to slow down, see horizontally; ...

Apr, 10


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