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I asked David Levine (our September artist) if I could publish this essay, which he wrote forĀ  Art/US (no. 13, June, 2006). He responded: Let’s just stress that it was written in 2006, at a ...

Sep, 11

Reprint: Paul Chan & Claudia La Rocco, “The Interview”

Well, I finally made it to Documenta. Good lord this sucker is big. I’m almost sort of scratching the surface of the surface. With a very frazzled toothpick. One of my favorite things so far ...

Jul, 19

Another Thing in July I am Super Sad to Be Missing

(the first being this) Cynthia Carr is one of my heroes. Her collection of Village Voice essays, On Edge: Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century, expanded my ideas of what criticism could be ...

Jul, 02

Every Age Gets the Performance Artist It Deserves

Hi All. Apologies for things being so quiet on the P Club front. I moved this week and have been in a haze of boxes and contractors and blah blah blah … So I wasn’t, ...

May, 10

Monday Night Football

  Well, here’s some other interesting stuff to look at: 1. Occupy Wall Street as performance art. (Remember when Georgia Sagri was the victim, not the aggressor?) 2. Performa 11 is almost here. Do you ...

Oct, 24


[update: congratulations. we all knew you had it in you.] Here’s something we won’t be attending. Well, maybe if there’s free popcorn. Maaaybeeee…..        

Oct, 10


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