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Writing Realness: Nicole Birmann Bloom

  dancing with Miguel, Michelle, Ben…   Age & Beauty Part 1: Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/ This first of three sections (Part 3 is still in process) is about being an artist, gay,┬áproducing performances, ...

Mar, 11

The List

Jan, 08

Time in Portland

By Robert Tyree For 10 days each of the last 10 Septembers, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Arts Festival has run rampant in a city often peripheral to considerations of contemporary performance. TBA’s ...

Sep, 14

So Many Things to Learn

I remember a few years ago watching … no, that isn’t the right way to begin…: a few years ago, on a snowy New Year’s Day, I spent an hour or so in a studio ...

Jul, 27

Required Reading

Those of you who followed the old Performance Club may recall my ode to 53rd State Press, a boutique outfit for contemporary performance texts. Here’s a little excerpt from that 2009 post: “I was always ...

Oct, 10


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