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Writing Realness: Berioska Ipinza

    The day was very cold but it did not impact the large audience that came to view luciana achugar’s Otro Teatro: The Pleasure Project. I entered the space and couldn’t stop looking at ...

Mar, 11

Writing Realness: Nikima Jagudajev

    A pre-show nervousness makes me need to poop.  The complexities to this poop conundrum require that the excretion happen spontaneously without being forced. I equate my shitting with an emptiness that is necessary ...

Mar, 11

Acceptable Hair

by Christine Shan Shan Hou Four women rise from the front row of the theater, shrouded in long, dark hair. They make high-pitched ghostlike moans and wails while slithering onto the stage.  It’s a chilling ...

May, 17


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