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Thoughts from afar

Norway is almost unbelievably beautiful. The air is drinkable. I’m stranded in it. Which sounds like it shouldn’t be so bad, and is of course a hell of a lot better than many New Yorkers ...

Oct, 31

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Responds to Beyoncé Video

[Update: Rosas just sent the following: "At this time, Rosas hasn't received any answer from Beyoncé or her management. Meanwhile, Beyoncé has released a statement in which she admits to having been ‘inspired’ by the performance ...

Oct, 10

Oh no she didn’t…

I’ve been in a head-cold haze these past few days. But this little item in my inbox (thanks, Ben) perked me up: Beyoncé vs. Anne Teresa It appears that Ms. Knowles (or, more likely, one ...

Oct, 07


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