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* It’s not always easy to look at things Well, it’s easy to look at war. Think about traffic accidents. The concrete horizon The white room Don’t worry, man, the black won’t rub off on ...

Apr, 11

Unrelated to St. Patrick’s Day

By Siobhan Burke Jean stood with her back to the pillar, her profile to the audience, looking into all that empty space in front of her. She extended one arm out behind her, lightly touching ...

Mar, 17

Found (on Facebook) Poetry

Andrew Horwitz On a related and intriguing side note to my essay on Cultural Production, etc. My trustee research assistant told me that a dancer friend of his moved to nyc 7 years ago and ...

Oct, 23

A red wheelbarrow

these dancers, tere tells us early on in the interrogation. they’re so liquid in their interpreting that they’re almost like audience members inside of the dance how much comes from the audience all of these ...

Oct, 19

Performance at the Beginning of the 21st Century

By Aaron Mattocks Download a copy of this essay “On that glittery globe called the art world, performance is an impoverished country, generally unsupported by prestigious museums and rich collectors.” So wrote Cynthia Carr in ...

Oct, 02

October Interrogation

One of my favorite outings during the first iteration of this club was a private event: a work-in-progress showing of a new piece Annie-B Parson was creating for OtherShore, followed by a discussion with the ...

Oct, 01

Face in a Crowd

By Siobhan Burke There were no program notes to go with Elad Lassry’s performance at The Kitchen last weekend. Nothing identifying the ten elite ballet dancers—four from American Ballet Theatre, six currently or formerly with ...

Sep, 21


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