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Exchange Mechanism

  By Cody Eikman It is a delivery of a confidential message in a private space. Archangel Gabriel visits the Virgin Mary, revealing to her a change in her own bodily state unbeknownst to herself: ...

Jun, 14

The Bureau for the Future of Choreography, Take 2

    The Bureau is into antiquated forms of archiving                                       1.   I used to really believe in improvisation These days I’m not so sure It seems to involve a lot of aimless, ...

Jun, 28

The Bureau for the Future of Choreography, Take 1

The Bureau 12:56 p.m. May 25, Sunday, Governors Island, LMCC Open Studios Four bodies in a room two in sneakers two in socks what is the difference between a rehearsal and a performance When is ...

May, 25

On Jérôme Bel’s “Disabled Theater”

  By Alyssa Gersony H and E are best friends. They call each other every day, and they always go to camp together over the summer. H carries a boom box around everywhere. It’s a ...

Dec, 19

On Your Performance

Earlier this month, I traveled to Colorado with the choreographers Aynsley Vandenbroucke and Lauren Bakst for a series of performances, workshops and talks. Aynsley had invited me and Lauren to help her dream up an ...

Oct, 28

A Shrine

 By Katy Dammers A box of cashews She sustains a flurry of assembles to the corner, time steps, twirling in circles, running, bourrées across the stage, leaps, shuffles back and forth, jumping, spinning, turning. Until ...

Jun, 14

More this, less that

While watching Anna Sperber’s dance: Veins in the hand Foot six inches off the ground Sweat pooling Leather fringe You will run You will run These are the only dragons Black checker board like brushed ...

May, 03


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