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Way In

  the athlete is off center   The arms make an infinity.   They stand very still, wrapped around each other’s slender, muscled torsos; emotional chicken, who will leave first. His head rests, face scrunched ...

Jan, 02

On Your Performance

Earlier this month, I traveled to Colorado with the choreographers Aynsley Vandenbroucke and Lauren Bakst for a series of performances, workshops and talks. Aynsley had invited me and Lauren to help her dream up an ...

Oct, 28


* It’s not always easy to look at things Well, it’s easy to look at war. Think about traffic accidents. The concrete horizon The white room Don’t worry, man, the black won’t rub off on ...

Apr, 11

December Outing: Jill Johnston! David Velasco! P Club!

As some of you know, I have a thing for Jill Johnston. So, it seems, does the marvelous David Velasco. This Sunday at the New Museum, we’ll be waxing poetic on some/certain/all things Jill, at ...

Nov, 29

A red wheelbarrow

these dancers, tere tells us early on in the interrogation. they’re so liquid in their interpreting that they’re almost like audience members inside of the dance how much comes from the audience all of these ...

Oct, 19

Poets and critics and art historians

AYNSLEY: Hi you three, Greetings from art obsessed insomniac land. I’ve been thinking about you because I’m auditing an art history class right now and last night I found some writing of John Yau’s (I ...

Aug, 08

Another Thing in July I am Super Sad to Be Missing

(the first being this) Cynthia Carr is one of my heroes. Her collection of Village Voice essays, On Edge: Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century, expanded my ideas of what criticism could be ...

Jul, 02


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