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On Your Performance

Earlier this month, I traveled to Colorado with the choreographers Aynsley Vandenbroucke and Lauren Bakst for a series of performances, workshops and talks. Aynsley had invited me and Lauren to help her dream up an ...

Oct, 28

Poets and critics and art historians

AYNSLEY: Hi you three, Greetings from art obsessed insomniac land. I’ve been thinking about you because I’m auditing an art history class right now and last night I found some writing of John Yau’s (I ...

Aug, 08

Reflections on an All Day Event

By Aynsley Vandenbroucke I tiptoe into the sanctuary at one-thirty, join fellow parishioners of art. In the silence, my mind feels loud.  The hour for each improvising performer invites me to slow down, see horizontally; ...

Apr, 10


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