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APAP Dispatch No. 3: The Headquarters

By Siobhan Burke   I am sitting at the threshold of the Expo Hall, where the performing artists (or their agents and managers, representatives and administrators, depending on what’s in the budget) have come to ...

Jan, 19

Enough Said

“‘A state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery’ = APAP”* … *Observed by a certain New York artist. We might call him Everyman.

Jan, 15

APAP Dispatch No. 2: American Realnessing (I and II)

By Siobhan Burke I. Notes to self after Jeanine Durning’s inging: When you are standing again at the kitchen counter, scraping the honey out of the jar, waiting for signs that the water has boiled, ...

Jan, 14

APAP Dispatch No. 1: Ancestral Plants & Animals

By Siobhan Burke So much has happened between then and now. The usher told Baryshnikov (oh look, it’s Baryshnikov) how much she loves “the space.” The critics clustered on the sidewalk, debating what they liked. ...

Jan, 11


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