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Impractical reality, romance

    By In Kyung Lee     On June 21 at Robert R. Wagner Jr. Park, I saw Trisha Brown Dance Company’s seven creatures dressed in white.   Following my life routine, I arrived ...

Jul, 09

Exchange Mechanism

  By Cody Eikman It is a delivery of a confidential message in a private space. Archangel Gabriel visits the Virgin Mary, revealing to her a change in her own bodily state unbeknownst to herself: ...

Jun, 14

Faith and Doubt in Experience: Thoughts on Marina Abramović’s “Generator”

  By Diana Crum   Being there is different than being at home. The lights are really bright in the white room. It’s quiet and still except for the muffled noise of distant construction, the ...

Apr, 19

Writing Realness: Megan Kendzior

        saturation         i need to know why we i need to know why i i needed to be heard i needed you to see me       ...

Mar, 11

Writing Realness: Berioska Ipinza

    The day was very cold but it did not impact the large audience that came to view luciana achugar’s Otro Teatro: The Pleasure Project. I entered the space and couldn’t stop looking at ...

Mar, 11

Writing Realness: Nicole Birmann Bloom

  dancing with Miguel, Michelle, Ben…   Age & Beauty Part 1: Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/ This first of three sections (Part 3 is still in process) is about being an artist, gay, producing performances, ...

Mar, 11

Writing Realness: Nikima Jagudajev

    A pre-show nervousness makes me need to poop.  The complexities to this poop conundrum require that the excretion happen spontaneously without being forced. I equate my shitting with an emptiness that is necessary ...

Mar, 11


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