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hiya. as some of you have observed, the performance club has been somewhat quiet this winter. part of this is that i’ve been traveling, and so there’ve been events out of town. but a larger ...

May, 10

Philly Edition

This weekend, the PClub had its first official out-of-town gig, as part of a marvelous weekend at Bryn Mawr, built around the dances of Susan Rethorst ( I got to write a catalog essay about ...

Feb, 27

December Outing: Jill Johnston! David Velasco! P Club!

As some of you know, I have a thing for Jill Johnston. So, it seems, does the marvelous David Velasco. This Sunday at the New Museum, we’ll be waxing poetic on some/certain/all things Jill, at ...

Nov, 29

Reverse Theatrofilm*, as Applied to a xxxxx Situation**

So… I                        when I first                                        some people said well the Woosters’                           that whole blah blah blah story about the avant-garde xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as it xxxx. And I completely agree                                                    there are some exceptions and I think ...

Nov, 12

A red wheelbarrow

these dancers, tere tells us early on in the interrogation. they’re so liquid in their interpreting that they’re almost like audience members inside of the dance how much comes from the audience all of these ...

Oct, 19

October Interrogation

One of my favorite outings during the first iteration of this club was a private event: a work-in-progress showing of a new piece Annie-B Parson was creating for OtherShore, followed by a discussion with the ...

Oct, 01

Sweet Princes and Rotten Politicians

Have you checked your email yet?? If you are on our mailing list, there is a message waiting for you, announcing the November P Club event. This email also gives you the special discount code ...

Sep, 06


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