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On Your Performance


Earlier this month, I traveled to Colorado with the choreographers Aynsley Vandenbroucke and Lauren Bakst for a series of performances, workshops and talks. Aynsley had invited me and Lauren to help her dream up an evening of intersections between choreography, poetry, dance, language, movement, criticism, etc ….

This is one of the site-specific performances we came up with, at the marvelous Counterpath press in Denver. (All of the text in my piece is stolen; mostly from myself, on this site, but a little bit also from Lauren’s work and some other collaborations of mine.)

And this, below, is a response generated by the poet Elizabeth Robinson. I had the great privilege (and delight) to get to know E this summer at Headlands Center for the Arts, where we both had residencies. I’m so happy to be in conversation with her art:

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