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More this, less that

While watching Anna Sperber’s dance:

Anna Sperber and Molly Lieber in Sperber's "The Superseded Third" at the Chocolate Factory Theater. Photo: Brian Rogers.

Anna Sperber and Molly Lieber in Sperber’s “The Superseded Third” at the Chocolate Factory Theater. Photo: Brian Rogers.

Veins in the hand
Foot six inches off the ground

Sweat pooling
Leather fringe
You will run
You will run

These are the only dragons
Black checker board like brushed satin nickel

[Of if not, why not]

This idea of smallness and bigness all at once
“What are you doing what”
Romeo will never come
Juliet finds other diversions
She still dies young

The pipes are shaking
The scaffolding is backlit
Lunge lunge
The longer I do this the worse I get at it
I can put my leg here
It’s not important

I am the elegant blonde
Everything is whistling
Is this outerspace?
Can I hold what Atlas let slip through his fingers?

Can you?
Miles Davis in Spain
We begin again & again & again

The will to power
Persephone, and what came after
The sight of the encounter
The jaw resolves
Puncture wound

Our politics change, not our emotions
Or is it the other way around?

We end up waiting
Our taped feet darken like chimney sweeps

If we could rise up now and float over you
[If not, then why not]

Oh right
The street lights outside
The cracked bowl
The jet roars overhead.

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