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A few links, with no particular order, rhyme or reason. In case your post-meal plans today do not consist solely of passing out in front of moving images:

Thoughts on Some sweet day from Danielle Goldman

Paul Chan on Wanderlusting

SHOW/TELL by Christine Shan Shan Hou

Will Rawls in conversation with Thomas Lax on dOCUMENTA (13)

Siobhan Burke’s Twitter suggestion, for those of you who want a book book: “As suspected, @DanspaceProject Judson Now catalogue is amazing. Worth getting one for Steve Paxton/Miguel Gutierrez convo alone.”

Annie-B Parson and Sibyl Kempson in conversation with Aaron Mattocks

And finally, a Rich Maxwell song and Virginia Woolf speaking on (and with) words, courtesy of Nancy Dalva, in case any kind of reading is too much exertion

…they hate being useful, they hate making money…

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