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Parades are for amateurs

Yackez at Catch 50!

Besides, you don’t have time this weekend (barbeques are ok; you have to keep your strength up, after all). There is simply too much to do. Including:

1. The one-and-only Yackez is performing its much-anticipated “Stage Show” Thursday and Friday at CPR. This hot mess was one of the highlights of Catch 50. Don’t miss. Don’t watch sober.

2. Of course, you will be going to CPR on Friday, because Thursday you are already doing this. Young Romanian women playwrights … what’s not to love? Also, I am moderating a post-reading panel, which means, yes … a chance to heckle.

3. Have you been up to the Studio Museum yet to see Ralph Lemon’s marvelous, intimate portraits of Walter and Edna Carter? 1856 Cessna Road  closes on the 27th, y’all….

4. Simone Forti! The High Line! The Huddle! If, for some reason, you are NOT going to attend the Performance Club event on Thursday … well, I will be very disappointed in you. But. I will be a little less disappointed in you if your reason for skipping out on us is this. (If you really want to get a jump on weekend events, you can hear Forti talk about her work tonight.

5. What? That’s not enough for one weekend? Get thee to some art. Avoid parades at all costs. [update: But of course there is a fifth thing I meant to mention: these talks, featuring such smart folks as Ralph Lemon, Sarah Michelson, David Velasco and Shannon Jackson: Saturday afternoon at LMCC and then at night at Artists Space - thank you Shannon for reminding me!]


  1. shjacks
    May 23, 2012

    I’m a new member of this club who doesn’t live in NYC, but if anyone also happens to be free to join a conversation on Performance, Institutions, and the Whitney Biennial at ArtistsSpace this Friday night and Saturday night at 7pm (Saturday with Sarah Michelson, David Valesco and me visiting), I’d love to meet you: — Shannon Jackson

  2. claudia
    May 23, 2012

    Shannon! Hi and thanks so much for posting this – I totally forgot to, but yes, will be there for sure….

  3. shjacks
    May 23, 2012


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