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This article was written on 03 Jan 2012, and is filed under Bulletin Board.

January Bulletin Board

What are you doing this month? What are you seeing, reading, dreaming, adoring, rolling your eyes about, snoring through? Want to offer fellow P-Clubbers a discount to a show? Shamelessly plug something you’re in? Pull out your soapbox and hold forth on whatever unbelievably awful or divine thing you just saw? Here’s the place to tell us. And, readers, please note that items on the Bulletin Board aren’t sanctioned or curated by Claudia, or anyone else for that matter.

Have at.


  1. claudia
    January 3, 2012

    Here are two things that were put up on other posts:

    1. From Jeff McMahon
    I keep an online cultural calendar for New York of things I think are interesting and that I want to see. I started one in Arizona for my students, and the NYC one is for when I’m in the city. Let me know if you think I am missing something!

    2. From Annie-B Parson
    hi P-Club! i just saw this. thank you so much for your kind words and i hope that 2012 is filled with great performances. Big Dance is doing a small showing of our new piece at American Realness on Jan. 10th at 3:30. It’s the polar opposite of SuperWife. Come see a Big Dance piece in its infancy. ! love, annie-b

  2. Chance
    January 4, 2012

    We’re big Gob Squad fans and will be seeing Super Night Shot at the Public. Also the chelfitsch show at Japan Society sounds supercool.

  3. Karen Therese
    January 11, 2012

    Come see this new work from Australia -

    The Comfort Zone: A Performance Lecture

    By Karen Therese
    (New York Premiere)

    Written and performed by Sydney artist Karen Therese and presented as part of The Australia Council of The Arts HopScotch touring initiative of innovative live works, The Comfort Zone discusses business analyst and psychologist Alistair White’s Comfort Zone Theory: The Comfort Zone and Performance Management, which outlines three logical zones of comfort:

    1. The Comfort Zone
    2. The Optimal Performance Zone
    3. The Danger Zone

    Working in the juncture of business conference models, performance lecture and TV journalism The Comfort Zone examines the meaning and impact of our need to feel comfortable.

    14th and 15th of January 8pm at The Centre of Performance Research
    Artist talk on 15th with Australian curator and producer Professor Sarah Miller.

    The Comfort Zone is the best bit of performance I’ve seen in a long time…it’s hugely entertaining, visual, funny and exuberant. – Martin Fox

    Karen Therese’s solo work is adventurous…brave and wonderful – Keith Gallasch Realtime Magazine

    The collaborative team of artists include Writer/performer Karen Therese, Rolling Stone journalist Tiffany Bakker, video artist Chris Wilson and dramaturg Brian Fuata.

    For more info visit: CPR: 361 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn

    The Comfort Zone: A Performance Lecture has been supported by The University of Wollongong, The Performance Space, The University of Sydney, ArtsNSW and The Australia Council of The Arts.

  4. aynsley
    January 14, 2012

    Is anyone thinking about going to Gatz this spring? I want to go and think it would be particularly nice with other people.

    • claudia
      January 21, 2012

      hmmmm – i went last time and ADORED it … might go again

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  6. Robert Tyree
    January 23, 2012

    “We have brought along with us the ideas of ‘beauty,’ ‘breadth of style,’ ‘pathos,’ which we might just possibly think we recognize in the banality of a passable talent or face, but our critical mind is confronted in fact with the nagging presence of a form for which it possesses no intellectual equivalent, the unknown part of which it needs to extricate. It hears a high-pitched sound, an oddly questioning intonation. It asks: ‘Is that good? Is it admiration I am feeling? Is this what is meant by richness of color, nobility, power?’ And what answers back is a high-pitched voice, an oddly questioning tone, the despotic impression, wholly material, caused by a person we do not know, in which no scope is left for ‘breadth of interpretation.’ And for this reason, really fine works of art, if they are given genuine attention, are the ones that disappoint us most, because in the sum total of our ideas there is none that responds to an individual impression.”

    Proust is so resonate with the stuff Spangberg is on with his “nice-girlfriend” notion of performance.

    Reading in rainy Portland.

    • claudia
      January 24, 2012

      yay!!! Thank you so much for this, Robert (and hiya from rainy New York). Was there ever a better critic than Proust?

  7. Melinda Ring
    January 25, 2012

    I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. I’m look forward to stopping by The Box gallery on Saturday afternoon for performances that are part of the exhibition “Los Angeles Free Music Society: BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE LOWEST FORM OF MUSIC.”

    It’s just one small part of the ginormous citywide Pacific Standard Time Festival.

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