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Monday Night Football


Well, here’s some other interesting stuff to look at:

1. Occupy Wall Street as performance art. (Remember when Georgia Sagri was the victim, not the aggressor?)

2. Performa 11 is almost here. Do you know what you’re seeing? Here are some of my picks. What should the club go see?

3.¬†Annie-B Parson & Frances McDormand’s letter to the editor.

4. A little more Annie-B … The Brooklyn Rail’s first-ever Dance on the Page festival, curated by yours truly. It was good this summer. It’s still good.

5. Just because.


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  1. claudia
    October 25, 2011

    Great article by Karen Archey on the sad OWS offshoot “Take Artists Space,” and the larger issues surrounding that impotent debacle

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