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The Bureau for the Future of Choreography, Take 2

    The Bureau is into antiquated forms of archiving                                       1.   I used to really believe in improvisation These days I’m not so sure It seems to involve a lot of aimless, ...

Jun, 28 · in Claudia's Blog

The Bureau for the Future of Choreography, Take 1

The Bureau 12:56 p.m. May 25, Sunday, Governors Island, LMCC Open Studios Four bodies in a room two in sneakers two in socks what is the difference between a rehearsal and a performance When is ...

May, 25 · in Claudia's Blog

Aria to a Hole (Adapted from Facebook, not Tom Murrin)

  By Paul Lazar I promise (maybe) that this is my last missive about the Radiohole show Myth or Meth but I feel that a lot of the comments about it are selling it short ’cause ...

May, 01

I wish she were right

By Rebecca Patek The people who attended my performance of ineter(a)nal f/ear on Wednesday night, January 15th at American Realness should know that what they saw was not my art work or anything that I ...

Mar, 07


By Siobhan Burke If you’re reading this, you have probably read this, Andy Horwitz’s widely circulated, hotly debated critique of American Realness, the 10-day festival of contemporary performance at Abrons Arts Center. I was thinking ...

Jan, 22

Way In

  the athlete is off center   The arms make an infinity.   They stand very still, wrapped around each other’s slender, muscled torsos; emotional chicken, who will leave first. His head rests, face scrunched ...

Jan, 02

On Jérôme Bel’s “Disabled Theater”

  By Alyssa Gersony H and E are best friends. They call each other every day, and they always go to camp together over the summer. H carries a boom box around everywhere. It’s a ...

Dec, 19

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